Wordpress really slow?


Tried to install wordpress installed correctly but it takes forever to load up to 3 minutes of loading time. Any way to fix this?


If you installed a lot of plugins, that’s why. If not, try reinstalling Wordpress.


@sulliops i just installed wordpress for the first time have not added anything to it just wanted to see how well it worked for the purpose i was going to use it for. I have reinstalled it several times still the same issue.


hi @technano
Can i get your website url


https://kevingamesite.000webhostapp.com/ @Ayu


Update: removed wordpress the whole domain is really slow. So its not wordpress its the whole site.


this is our service issue and will be resolved soon. Developers are working on it.


Hi, same issue here, my site take forever to load :



@tautvis endless loading of sites.