WordPress redirects to install page

Hi all, i got working my WordPress site, but i got an issue, when i working around suddenly it redirects me to the install page and it stick there, and after some time backs to normal. what’s happening and what can i do? Thank you.

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Just wait it out, reduce your usage or try Heartbeat Control and disable everywhere.

So if you see the topic above it details the limits and confines of the free plan.

It also offers the plugin of

If you install that (when you can)

Then DISABLE all the heartbeat functions (not the plugin itself)

You can also use

It will give you a rough idea of how many requests you are using in the backend just navigating around wp-admin and the front end too.

So if you use 50 requests loading a theme page in the backend, 5000/50 for example gives you a limit of 100 pages loadable in an hour in the backend before you hit rate limiting again (only an example)

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Hum i see @Infinity, thank you for your reply!!

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No problem happy site building!

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@Infinity, question this heartbeats affect the users?

Users of your website would contribute to the requests and cause your website to reach the limit faster - yes?

i.e. you in the backend wp-admin loading 50 pages, then 5 users on the frontend load 10 pages each then you might reach the hourly limit, only an example.

Disabling heartbeat should allow you to not reach the hourly limit as fast or as much normally.
It also doesn’t appear to have any effect on your site either :slight_smile:

alright! thanks dude. :v: