Wordpress site goes offline suddenly


Hello everyone, I’m here to report an annoying problem.

I had installed Wordpress on my site with WooCommerce. I can enter the site and everthing is ok. BUT, sometimes when I try to enter my site it doesnt show anything. In addition of that I am using Cloudflare, and when this happens Cloudflares shows in the page that the problem is in the host.

This also happens when I try to upload products to my page (with woocommerce).
This error persists for half an hour and then the site becomes accesible again. Help me with that, I want to start my eshop for free now, but if this is going to happen everyime I try to upload a product I will have to look for something else :C


Hi it can be actually because of max queries per hour. Because every click on WordPress executes a query and here on 000webhost the max queries limit is 15k so if you cross it then your site wont be accessible. So you then have to wait for the queries to be cooled down to access it again.
Read more about policy here