Wordpress site has been reset by webhost?


I have had a wordpress website running on the domain stijfselkot.be
When I visit it now, it’s a fresh new wordpress blank page?

If you look the site up in google’s cache, you can see the orginal website?

Can this be rollbacked? Because, I didn’t reset anything.



Good day!

When was the last time your website used to look the way it supposed to before it got reset?


The free service doesn’t offer any backups or rollbacks unlike the premium service.
We can’t stress enough how important it is for users to take their own regular backups to keep their data safe in the event that anything did happen to our services.
If you open your database and you were missing data which is causing the website to look like it has been reset then there is nothing unfortunately we can do in this situation.


September and October for sure.


Your website appears to be entirely reset though your uploads are still there. This is an unusual situation :confused:

I’ll ask our developers if they know anything about this.

Devs found no recent activity of whatsoever which could explain that behaviour, and as @Infinity said we keep no backups. I sincerely apologize, but we can’t recover your Wordpress site.