Wordpress throwing errors when trying to upload

When i try to upload my wordpress theme to my website i get a message saying " 413 Request Entity Too Large"

in small text it says underneath “openresty” not sure what’s happening but the theme should be able to be uploaded. i always test themes before uploading them to my hosting to make sure they don’t cause any errors or time outs. i test on XAMMP on my local Gaming machine which didn’t give me any errors at all.

website link: https://creatorsclub.000webhostapp.com

Please if a staff member could help me fix this issue would be awesome.


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The free plan limitations are likely killing your upload in the browser.

Using any FTP client you can upload any size of files to your wp-content > themes directory therefore avoiding the browser limit.

You can also upload the theme in ZIP format via FTP Client or File Manager, then using FILE MANAGER you can right click and extract your theme.zip into wp-content > themes

Let us know how you get on please? :smiley:

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

I’m also seening this in the power menu for some reason

{{ $ctrl.lastActiveApp }}{{‘Current site’ | translate}} | Free

and not any of the options

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Yes! So are we :frowning:
Seems to happen at random periods during navigating the panel or refreshing the page, try CTRL F5 else log out and login.