WOTM - Why not get an extra website for free?


000webhost is happy to announce its release of a new project - WOTM

What is it?

WOTM is:

  1. A user showcase website.
  2. A user voting system.
  3. A user winning system.

How it works

  1. Read the rules then submit your website to WOTM reviewers.
  2. Once reviewed
    2.1 If approved, a congratulations email will be sent to you.
    2.2 If it is not approved, an email will be sent to you with the reason of rejection.
  3. Your site will be visible for other users to vote for.
  4. Do not forget to vote for other users websites too!

What do I get?

At the end of each month, we will announce the winner, based on the website score.
The winner will get 1 additional website for free to his account.

To note

  1. Use your 000webhost related email address while submitting your website.
  2. Write a nice description about your website.


  1. Introducing the new WOTM support forum here:
    https://forum.wotm.tk (however you can submit a support ticket from the website itself)

What are you waiting for?! Free websites are waiting for you!
Submit, submit, submit!


1 submission.
Still waiting for others!


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