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You’ve been using 000webhost for a while now and our records show that you might want to create more websites on your account. You can now do so by writing an honest review of your experience with 000webhost and sharing it on your Social Media accounts.

What you have to do to get third website for free:-

  1. Write an honest 100-200 words review of 000webhost. Include any of your personal experiences & impressions of 000Webhost and answer questions like - how long have you been using 000webhost, why and for whom you would recommend it and what was your experience while using it?
  2. Share the review on one of your Social Media account (i.e. your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Blog) and make it visible publicly.
  3. Collect at least 10 interactions in total when combined (likes, comments, shares).
  4. Once you have 10 or more interactions send link of your post to moderator@000webhost.com, including your 000webhost registered email id. (the post must be visible publicly for anyone to see).
  5. Wait for approval.
  6. Success! Use your third app and never stop growing.

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Hey guys and girls!

This offer is still available to all existing and new users!

Some of you might need to host a third site absolutely free and you can do so easily just by leaving a quick social media review and making sure it gets the required interactions* (likes,shares etc) and it meeting the easy requirements posted above by @akhilkumar332

Once you’ve got the review live on a social media platform, Instagram, Facebook or a blog post for example copy the live URL** to the article and send it to us via the above email address.

If you feel you don’t mind sharing the review publicly you could post it here and just make sure to link to an existing 000webhostapp URL so we can upgrade your account to allow creation of your third site for free :slight_smile:

  • required interactions on this scheme need to be 10 in total minimum likes,comments, shares etc.

  • live URL would be a direct link to the platform you’ve shared your review on and it needs to be publicly accessible.
    Example link

Example HONEST review left on a social media platform by an existing forum member.


This offer is still available to all existing and new users!

Jump on it today :slight_smile:

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Hello, I’ve been using 000webhost for a few months and I’m very happy. The dashboard is clear and easy to access although I do not know anything about programming. Thanks to this hosting, I managed to easily create my site.
Initially, I had some apprehension, but in fact the grip is very easy. I recommend this accommodation to all those who would like to create a very professional looking site.


Hello, i am Mike, I found 000webhosting back a few years ago before it was unlimited bandwidth and storage. I thought for my websites this would be the perfect place to setup and get started. Now we fast forward to 2019 and they have change A HUGE deal in the web hosting community. I have to say from 3 to 4 years ago they have really improved the interface with ease of use and very easy to navigate around to find each section of their settings or adding a website so on etc. I would love to thank the Developers of 000webhost and hostinger as well for putting together such an awesome and fun UI and easy to use system for wordpress and other websites out there that anyone is looking to build. if your looking for a “FREE host” to get started with, without any cost come to 000webhost for free and get started today at no cost, no gimmics nothing just signup and start building your website today.

Thank you for such a easy and fun platform to use,



Hey @lesamismarcheurs @OfficialMikeJTv

Not to be “that guy” but I too have wrote a review on Facebook and I’m just waiting to reach the required “interactions”

Have you two posted it online also?
I know the post above is a bit long but it is worth reading to obtain the free third site (I think anyway)