Your website doesn't have "index.html"


tried a bunch of stuff on the community, but when I click on my user name and my websites it shows 4 panels hostinger, powerstore, elementor and an empty one with a plus.

I go to my domains click use domain, type in “” hit enter than it says “this domain is already in use”

I try to go to my website and it says " Hooray, your free website has been started!

You see this page because your website doesn’t have " index.php " or " index.html " file in public_html folder.
Create index file

so I click on the link than it says that, request item does not exist


So there has been a minor blip it appears on our system, is linked with your account, but for some reason isn’t showing under “Set Web Address”

I’ll alert a developer to hopefully resolve this.


Developer will hopefully get this sorted tomorrow for you.
I’ll let you know when resolved