:/ your website doesn't have "index.php" or "index.html" file in public_html folder


I’m having complications with 000webhost.com being able to complete making my site as a whole. It’s launched the site online but you can only access it by entering the pages one by one. I tried to ask my course instructor but all she told me was that she was able to access the website. Only it was just the one index page and not the rest of the website pages as well.

Here is a screenshot of what i would receive upon launching the website…

It says that the index.html file is missing but it’s completely there. Is there something wrong with the starting code that isn’t indicating the file as being the index.html?

Pleas help, thank you!


Hi, the problem is that your index file starts with a capital I instead of a lowercase i. Rename the file to index.html to fix the issue, then clear your browser cache and flush your DNS to make sure the page loads properly in your browser.


This absolutely worked! Thank’s so much! Excellent response that 100% worked!