Your Website Is Archived?

Your Website Is Archived!
To ensure you’re given the best possible service, websites with low recent activity will be archived in order to save valuable storage space. This isn’t the first time you have needed to restore your website, you will need to upgrade to one of our Premium plans to get it back.

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well I recently have used this website (like just couples days ago) but it said that is low recent activity.
and I really need those files that restore on my website (I don’t have credit card to upgrade), so could you just let me access file manager? then I can download my own files, please :sob::sob::sob:

I’ve hit the restore button but if it doesn’t work I’m not sure what to advise

umm… so where can I get my files? only upgrade can access file manager?

As per our terms and conditions users are to take regular backups as in the event their account is limited or suspended then the files will be inaccessible

Okay got it, thank you for the response

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Seems to have restored for you :100:

Backup your files regularly, if this site archives again you have only an option to upgrade to Hostinger to continue or retrieve files.

My web-page was archived last week but restored upon requested. still there is a HTTP ERROR 500 showing.

Please resolve this isssue.

Thanks in advance

500 error means a coding or script issue.

Upon checking your website it is infected with malware likely through a WordPress vulnerability or outdated plugin or bad theme.
I would recommend a fresh installation as the core files of your previous installation are likely backdoored, meaning if you remove the suspect looking files you’ll still have malware within your files hidden.

Thank you for the information.