Zoho Mail proplems


I have a domain( randomartdesignz.ga) linked to my 000webhost site, combined with cloudflare and wordpress. I wanted to create a mail ( mail@randomartdesignz.ga) , so i used zohomail. Now i can send mails, but i dont receive mails. I have already add the mx records in cloudflare, but it still dont works. PLS HELP


@helloplayer1 Make sure you have set up ZohoMail correctly.


me works fine with this settings


Hi @helloplayer1!

Turn the orange clouds from MX records on/off at 15 minutes timeot, then try again.


@NGiNX dont have clouds


Oh, I forgot it’s just MX :unamused:

In this case, it depends on how fast the DNS propagates. This process can take up to 24 hours, sometimes even 48.


and be sure is Incoming enabled



It looks like this , i have it set up like i should


Have a look at @1microfix’s tutorial:
How to use Zoho Mail with domain


@helloplayer1 set in name @


It would also be beneficial for you to enable the cloud on the www CNAME record so you get SSL.

In the MX records, it should say @ instead of mail, unless you are going to want your email address to be like email@mail.randomartdesignz.ga, in which case you’ll need to setup Zoho again (which is a pain). It would work best if you just changed those MX records to @.


Already done, and my mx records are now shown in mxtoolbox.com, but zoho still dont find the mx records


Zoho seems to take forever to find them with Cloudflare. Wait up to 24 hours and see what happens - if it still doesn’t recognize the records, let us know.


Temporary disable the Cloudflare protection: turn off all orange clouds from right side, and try again after 10 minutes.


Well, i now receive mails even if it doenst know the mx records, so maybe its no problem.


The MX records appear to be configured properly from here as well. :wink:

If you encounter any issues, please do post back.