Zyro Builder Down


I have a website that has been operational for a while but today I cannot seem to publish, save drafts or preview.


This is a known issue. If you’d like 100% operational services, upgrade to Hostinger today!


Are there any documents you can point me to or threads about this? I have been unable to find anything related to my specific problem. I have a menu at the top of my page and it seems like certain menu pages will publish/save but others will not.


@piperdoon What error do you get?


I am using the zyro website builder. I have a menu at the top of my page with about 8 items. (website is www.cbupb.org) If I select the home item, I can publish, save draft, backup, etc. If I select anything else nothing happens when I click on publish or save draft. If I select backup the window comes up but when I click download nothing happens. Also, if I change menu pages for editing it prompts me to save first and if I select save draft it does not save and just returns me to the page I was on.


@piperdoon Sorry for the inconvenience, i’ve informed admins about this issue.
Hopefully it should solve soon.


Thank you for the response.


It is working now. Many thanks for the quick fix guys :slight_smile:


No problem :wink:
If you have any other issue, do open a new topic :slight_smile: