[ZYRO ISSUES] How to re-enable the old Zyro builder

If you’ve been having issues with editing your Zyro website, read here!

Our developers have been alerted of the issue and are still investigating the problem, but we have discovered a workaround!

In order to re-enable access to your Zyro site, simply navigate to your website’s control panel at https://000webhost.com/members/.

Once you see either of these screens, CTRL + click on the appropriate button MULTIPLE TIMES. You might have to do this upwards of 25 times in order to fix the problem, which will result in a lot of new tabs, but ultimately one of them should be the old builder. Repeat until you get the old builder.

We recognize this isn’t a good way of managing your website, and we’re still working on a better fix, but at the moment this is the best solution we have. Thank you for your patience!

The last developer response I have recieved was that

000webhost is no longer going to use the old site builder due to various reasons and their advice is to remake your website on the new Zyro.com builder if you wanted to use a builder.

You can obviously use any other CMS/script like WordPress instead to manage your website.

If you can use the instructions above and download the .sitebuilder file backup you can import this into

  1. Hostinger
  3. If you are aware of any web-host company that uses similar ZYRO/SITE.PRO builder then let us know and we can add to the list :slight_smile:

The old Zyro builder may be switched off / removed from service completely - as you can see they have already removed the functionality in a normal situation to access the builder and it simply takes you to the new site builder.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, and any more updates will be posted here regarding the old free builder.