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Released:August, 2018

Licence:CC BY 3.0 (footer credits must remain in place)

Credits:Images from Unsplash



An online magazine design that shows class, taste, and respectability. All you need to do is pick a niche and start creating content! Quitelight will make sure that your content has a platform that looks professional and beautiful. Here function and form go hand in hand. The best part - whatever niche you want to explore or whatever tweaks you think are better for your project, it’ll be incredibly easy to do. Quitelight is based on a Bootstrap Framework. That makes this canvas easily and fluidly editable, flexible and very visitor friendly.

Quitelight will provide you with all the must-have features for an online magazine and more! A beautiful banner that will make your brand shine in the brightest light, social media integration, so could grow your reach and start a meaningful conversation and a newsletter subscription widget, guaranteeing that your loyal following will never miss a letter.

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