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How to transfer website from my current provider to your hosting?

If your website is not using MySQL databases, moving your site is very easy. Simply upload all your files to public_html folder on our server. If you have a PHP based website, check if it has any configuration files, where domain name or path to files can be set. Update these values if needed.

If your website is using MySQL, you need to move database here and update configuration files of your scripts too.

1. Backup database on old server
If your current provider has any MySQL backup tool - use it. Or you can login to phpMyAdmin of your database and click on 'Export' tab. Choose 'Save as file' and select 'gzipped'. Download of your database backup will start.

2. Creating database on our server
Once download is finished you will have the file with the name similar to yourdatabase.sql.gz. Before you can restore database you need to create a database on our system. Please, login to your members' area, enter your website 'Manage Website' and click on 'Manage database' in top menu. Scroll down and click on 'New Database'. Choose 'Database name', 'Database username' and 'Password'. Set details so that you will remember them later.

3. Importing database to our server
Once you have database created, click on 'Manage' dropdown and then 'PhpMyAdmin' and log in to your newly created database. 

Once you are inside phpMyAdmin for your database click on 'Import' tab in top menu. Find 'Browse your computer' in 'File to import' section and find your database files (yourdatabase.sql.gz for example) and click Open. Database restoring procedure will begin - be patient, it will take some time to complete, especially if your backup size is large.

4. Updating configuration files
Now, when you have your database restored, you need to open configuration file of your PHP script and update database host, database name, database username and database password values. Use values that you written down before when you were creating new database.

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