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I get access denied errors when trying to connect to MySQL

If you cannot connect to MySQL server, there could be some causes:

- Incorrect MySQL hostname.
Never use 'localhost' as your MySQL hostname! You can find your MySQL hostname by logging on to members area, entering control panel and clicking on MySQL icon.

- Incorrect MySQL username / password or database name.
You can find / setup MySQL username and database by clicking on MySQL icon from control panel. And you can change MySQL password by clicking on phpMyAdmin icon.

- Database failed to setup.
In a very rare cases MySQL database can fail to setup. To confirm this, please try to enter phpMyAdmin for any database. If you see database there, that means it setup was successful. And if you get access denied error by trying to enter phpMyAdmin, please delete the database and setup the same MySQL database again.

Please note that always you must give about 1 minute for any changes to apply on server.

If you still unable to connect to MySQL you check if it is server or your script problem in this way: if you can enter phpMyAdmin and see you database there, that means everything is working fine on our side. It's a problem with your PHP script.

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