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Why my website is temporary sleeping?

000webhost is a free platform to test, learn and grow online. Seeing great things you build with 000webhost is the best motivation for us. Therefore we are constantly increasing the quality of 000webhost platform. Here are the most recent changes introduced by Hostinger to 000webhost platform:

  • Complete control panel redesign;

  • Updated infrastructure. The speed and response times of 000webhost are super fast. In fact, 000webhost never been as big and as fast as it is now. Balys Krikščiūnas, our Head of Engineering presented this revolutionary solution to scaling databases for such industry giants as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and many more. You can read the full story here;

  • 51 new servers were bought and 3 new locations in Netherlands, Brazil and Singapore were opened in last year alone;

  • Finally, 000webhost became the best and the biggest free learning platform for web developers in the world!

All great things comes at a price. Big price. And we are talking not only about the responsibilities that comes with being on the top. Supporting, developing and scaling the biggest free web hosting platform in the universe costs a ton! Naturally, with recent explosive growth our costs related to 000webhost maintenance “exploded” as well. We had to find a way of how we can keep 000webhost alive.

We are proud to announce, that we beat this challenge. 000webhost is not going anywhere anytime soon. Since the early start of 000webhost we were investing a fair share of our profits from Hostinger back to 000webhost. We will keep it that way. We believe, that everybody in the world should have a free access to learning and building great things online and we really mean it. More exciting updates for 000webhost are yet to come!

In order to make this happen we had to implement one simple limitation: every website hosted on a free 000webhost platform now gets 1 hour of sleep every day. Your website won’t be reachable to the public, but you will be able to set the sleep time yourself.

If you want to avoid sleep time, you can upgrade to Hostingers' cheap & premium plans at any time. The migration is processed automatically within few hours and if you get any issues - our top support team is here to help 24/7. If you are not ready to scale your project, you can continue learning and working on it as you did before with this one simple limit, which is planned to take effect on all users from November 1, 2017.

Thank you for being with us! We appreciate your trust and promise to remain the best web development learning platform in the world. Looking forward to seeing great stuff you are going to build!

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