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Choose platform

Make a website by choosing one of two bulletproof options: WordPress and our custom Website Builder, or upload an existing site.


Customize Your Website

Add and remove content, change the layout, experiment and build!


Publish Your Website

Show your site to the world wide web! Publish content, grow your community!

Absolutely Free

No strings attached, no hidden fees. Professional tools, a world of opportunity and a chance to make a beautiful website.

No Coding Required

Zero technical knowledge needed. You don’t need to be a developer or tech-wiz to have a website that users won’t be able to click away from.

Mobile Ready

Designed for screens of all shapes and sizes. In a fast moving world, you must have a flexible website. Rest easy knowing your site looks great on all screens.

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Choose the Right Platform for You

Both of the options are entirely code-free, you won’t need any technical knowledge at all! You can make a website with no hassle in less than an hour, and your free site will be up and running, ready for the world.


WordPress - the most popular CMS on planet Earth. A bulletproof choice, for anyone who wants to build a website without technical knowledge, or for those who would like to learn. Due to its open source nature and the massive community surrounding it, the platform has become a tool of nearly limitless possibilities. You can select this option in your control panel when prompted to pick your preferred platform. When learning how to make a website for the first time, you’ll find few better options!

Website Builder

The ultimate tool, for building a website quickly. We worked tirelessly, to create a platform that anyone can use to make a beautiful and functional site without needing programming knowledge. Once you select this option in your control panel, you’ll be able to make a website in less than an hour, by utilizing our Drag&Drop based tool, which streamlines the entire process.

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Customize Your Website

Select and edit templates, upload images, personalize and make a website truly your own! These two platforms perfectly answer the question: how to make a website for free and make it beautiful and functional.


Choose a theme. Pick a theme that will be the foundation of your website. You can easily alter and customize almost every aspect of it, making it perfect for your project.

Install Plugins. Customize your WordPress website by installing useful plugins, that will help you personalize the experience even more and give project specific must-have functionality.

Website Builder

Choose a template

Select a template from the list of carefully filtered. Designer made selections in our archive. You can browse through multiple kinds of categories and find the perfect fit for your project.

Drag and drop

All customization is based on a drag and drop principle, making it incredibly easy to alter the initial template, forming it to best suit your needs.

Add elements

Integrate various functionalities that you need to make your website shine. Just drag and drop them onto your site. Pick a direction for your project and make a free website!

Create a stunning homepage

Grab everyone’s attention with a beautiful landing page that users will not want to click away from! Make a website that will be irresistible.

Start blogging

Create blog posts, embed videos, host other kinds of content. Both WordPress and our website builder will help you create a site that has function and form. A world of possibilities is at your fingertips.

Create "About Us"

Introduce yourself to your visitors! Let them know what’s your mission and what they can find on your website. Give them a way to come in contact with you by adding a contact form or relevant details.

Add online store

Did you ever dream of having your own online store? E-commerce has never been this easy.

Experience incredibly great cart performance, stability, and security by utilizing the WooCommerce extension for WordPress or the inbuilt functionality of our custom website builder. Create an online store that will guarantee conversions, high SEO and best of all will be completely free to build.

The second option - using our website builders in-built e-commerce solution! Use the same easy drag and drop method, arrange your store according to your vision and get ready to make those sales! The process will take less than an hour, after which your online store will be completely operational.

Website image


Publish Your Website

Time to let your website see the world wide web. Publish and open up a world of chance and the road to success! Your free site will be the first step towards becoming a webmaster. Keep building, keep improving and impressing your visitors!

Share on social networks. Seamlessly integrate social media! Help your website build a following and a crowd. Start conversations, improve visitor retention and conversion rates!

SEO Optimize your Website. Guarantee your website’s position at the top of the search results page. Both WordPress and our custom website builder are designed to be SEO friendly and will help you secure a high rank.

Get a custom domain name. The first impression your website makes is the domain name! You can secure a custom domain by using Hostinger’s free domains or purchase a premium domain! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only can you make a free website that will guarantee visitor retention, but create a domain based email, your own subdomains and much more! Hostinger powers 000webhost, that’s how we can ensure that it will be a trustworthy domain provider.

Make a Website FAQs

The internet brings unprecedented power to the people! And we make it easy to use! Make a website and open a world of possibilities. You can make your voice heard by starting a blog, make a free website that will promote your business or online store! The possibilities are virtually endless, but one thing is for sure! You can do much more with a website than without!

With 000webhost creating and hosting a website will cost you absolutely nothing! Free, no strings attached! We’ll provide you with free hosting, a free subdomain. Our website builder tool is also free, so you’ll be able to do everything from A to Z.

If you want, further down the line you can invest in your website by acquiring a domain name or professional hosting! Either way, this is the best place for the start of your journey. Make a free website with no strings attached with 000webhost.

Of course, you can! Both WordPress and our custom website builder allow you to integrate social media into your site!

You can make your own website that will have e-commerce capabilities! When using WordPress, we would suggest WooCommerce - a free extension that will integrate powerful e-commerce solutions.

When using our custom built website builder, you’ll also be easily able to integrate e-commerce functionality in your site! A powerful cart, multiple checkout options, and easy management!

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