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[NEW] Zyro File Structure Fixer

Hi everyone! As you may or may not know, the old Zyro website builder was phased out at 000webhost earlier this year. Although the Zyro site builder was powerful and robust, it simply couldn’t hold up to modern design st…

2 October 5, 2020
Website Limitations (Free Plans)

A lot of users have been posting lately about limitations and suspensions - this is likely due to developers putting the limits into automation now. Over the last few years, we’ve been pretty lax about it and only …

1 September 28, 2019
A must read before posting your topic!

Please read this thread before posting on the forum :slight_smile: The content of your thread MUST CONTAIN * Your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL * Screenshots of the issue on your end * Any actions you’ve trie…

9 October 29, 2019
Inactive Users Information

Users who are inactive will start to receive emails to inform them of their inactivity, it will give you option to login to your control panel at, to stop the deletion of your websites/data/account and the…

2 October 14, 2019
How to Use Cloudflare for SSL

By default, 000webhost provides a secure connection for all subdomains; however, this isn’t the case for custom domains. But, with this method, you can setup your custom domain with a secure HTTPS conne…

4 May 11, 2017
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