Free Learner Inactivity Policy 2024

Inactive Learner Policy Information

000webhost archives and deletes inactive learner accounts to allow new learners to come aboard and start their learning journey - if we didn’t clear out inactive users we would run out of space more often or have to start charging for the free learning service.

Login Requirement: Users are required to log in to their account at least once per week to avoid being classified as inactive.

Visitor Requirement: Website receives a minimum of 10 unique visitors per month to avoid being considered inactive.

Potential Consequences: Accounts/websites deemed inactive by the system including potential active learners, may face archiving or deletion without prior notice. Even if notice is given, it is not guaranteed (such as an email saying restore is possible and the site is safe and sound etc)

Backup or Migration Recommendation: Users are advised to keep regular backups or be prepared to move to Hostinger for data recovery or continued hosting services within 14 days of deletion/archival.

It’s crucial for learners to adhere to these rules to maintain an active status and avoid potential data loss. Additionally, the recommendation to keep regular backups and the option to move to Hostinger at cost emphasize the importance of user accountability for their data.

Where a website is archived in the browser page and DOES NOT SHOW within your 000webhost control panel you may use Hostinger services and request a migration to get back online within 14 days of the archival/deletion.

We retain the right to archive, delete, or suspend any learner’s account at our discretion and without providing specific reasons or prior notice. Users are strongly advised to maintain regular backups of their data to mitigate any potential issues in the event of such actions. This proactive approach ensures the safeguarding of valuable information, contributing to a smoother resolution should the need arise.

  • As per the terms and conditions agreed on signup to 000webhost, the user (you) is ultimately responsible for ensuring regular data backups and keeping your data safe, website files, database and anything that you would lose if your 000webhost account was deleted on purpose or by means of a system failure.

Backing up your website is just common sense. Don’t take unnecessary risks – make it a habit. Safeguard your data and keep your online presence secure by regularly backing up your website. It’s a simple yet crucial step in responsible website management, you’ll have nobody but yourself to blame should your site be removed/deleted/archived/lost in any circumstance.

Where a website is archived and DOES NOT SHOW within your 000webhost control panel you may use Hostinger services and request a migration to get back online.