How to Start a Blog For Free!

Take the best of what the web has to offer - the power to be heard! The freedom to create is just a click away.

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Why wait? Start blogging now!

Share your adventures, pictures, ideas, and thoughts! Take the chance to make a unique blog, for a remarkable voice. Well? What’s your story?

wb_incandescent Start a blog for free

Take advantage of the greatest invention in human history - the internet! Tell your story, influence people and give your thoughts the perfect platform.

credit_card Make money

By getting the word about your service or product out! Starting a blog can give you a platform to start earning!

short_text Learning how to write!

When learning how to blog, you can learn how to write! Hone your skills, share your stories and get better with every new post! Build a community of like-minded people!

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build Build your very own brand!

Whatever talent or skill you have, show it to the world, become recognized and put your best foot forward. It’s completely free!

question_answer What is a blog?

It’s a place for your thoughts! Build your very own personal memoir, populated by stories from all the good times!

image Take the chance

Start a blog for free and learn to code while doing it! Want to be a web dev? The best way to learn is by doing! Start building and tinkering now.

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How to start a blog in 5 steps

1. Choose your niche

Do you have a business, a talent or a hobby and want to tell a world about it? Pick a subject and start creating!

2. Pick your platform

When you create a blog with 000webhost, you get two great options for your preferred platform!

3. Pick a perfect name!

Starting a blog won’t be enough, you’ll need to consider your brand name and style. A domain is an integral part of this journey!

4. Customize your blog

Both WordPress and the 000WebHost website builder allow you to use templates and themes that will streamline the process of creating a blog

5. Grow, build and explore!

Once you have your web hosting and domain name ready, you’re just one step away from reaching the goal.

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01 Choose your niche

The first step you need to take to create your blog is picking your niche. What do you want the world to see? Is it your craft? Maybe your views or talent? Before you think about how to blog, you need to know what you want to blog about. That will be the biggest decision that you will have to make. Your choice will define how other, future steps will be taken. So? Are you ready? Pick your talent and create a blog for free.

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02 Pick a platform

With just a click your website becomes a partner of Google Adsense and you start earning from Google. One more click and you have pushed your website into Google Analytics to monitor and analyze your visitors. Youtube videos, MP3 music tracks, Google Maps or photo gallery - everything with just drag & drop actions without any worries about technical things behind it.

The alternative that we built for you is our custom website builder. We made it so anyone who wants to create a blog can get started with zero technical knowledge required! Not a single line of code will be needed! It’s easy, robust and powered by a drag & drop interface that you can learn in a minute!

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03 Pick the perfect name

The very first impression that your blog will make is going to be the URL, that takes them there. Starting a blog won’t be enough, you’ll need to consider your brand name and style. A domain is an integral part of this journey! Your free blog website can start out with a free subdomain, and once you feel like it has grown enough and needs a standalone name, you can easily acquire a domain and point it to your website.

How to get free domain

We’ll tell you a little secret: 000webhost is powered by Hostinger, and our mission is to give the power of the internet to everyone. Right now Hostinger is giving away free domain names! Give your project a kickstart and get a custom domain name absolutely free! That small touch will definitely make a great impression!

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04 Customize your blog

The perfect look, for your ideal platform. Both WordPress and the 000WebHost website builder allow you to use templates and themes that will streamline the process of creating a blog. No need to build a website from scratch! Among all the designer made themes and templates you will definitely find something beautiful that fits your project. The great thing about starting a blog with 000webhost is that we make it easy!

Customize with the help of control panel

Both WordPress and the 000webhost website builder make customization easy. Once your theme is selected, you will be able to make it truly your own! WordPress will let you install various plugins and modifications that will take your blog out of this world!

Start a blog for free that will have social features, a great aesthetic and will be incredibly easy to control. WordPress is managed from a powerful control panel, that will allow you to post and edit content incredibly easily!

Adding videos have never been easier

The 000webhost website builder is just as perfect for starting a blog. We put our many years of experience to use in creating a tool that makes crafting a beautiful blog easy! A simple, yet robust drag & drop interface will allow you to turn your dreams into a reality. Seamlessly integrate video, a cart or various other functions. Stand out of the crowd. Help your voice reach its audience!

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05 Grow, build and explore!

And this is the best part! Create a blog - check! Time to figure out how to blog. Craft your unique voice, post your first content piece, learn and try new things! You have successfully taken the first steps of harnessing the power of the internet. It is a creation for the people, and now your voice can be among the greats! Create and build your community! Remember how easy it is to create a blog, and consider that this, might just be the start of your success story.

Start small, grow big. Write your success story.

The first step is always the hardest to make. Turn the trek towards success into the best trip of your life, like these proud blog owners. Don’t let something special pass you by.

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Ideas made beautiful with designer made templates.

A beautiful website will guarantee, that your ideas will shine even brighter! Show your voice in the best light with designer made templates that cover a huge spectrum of ideas. Find the perfect look for your website, customize it with ease and make it truly your own, just like your voice! What are you waiting for? Start a blog. Everyone is waiting to hear what you have to say!

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Frequently asked questions about how to start a blog.

Here you will find some of the answers to frequently asked questions about starting your own blog!

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