Upgrade to Premium Hosting: 5 Reasons Why

1. Paid hosting gives guarantees

Our free hosting service is provided "as is", we do not come into any contracts with you. We also reserve the right to remove any account with or without a reason. Paid hosting is absolutely different. When you make the first payment, we come into a legal contract with you. We pledge to make backups of your data, and we also sign a so called 'Service Level Agreement' and hence compensate for service downtime.

2. Paid hosting is more reliable

On our free hosting servers we have over 30,000 accounts. That means thousands of users are utilising the servers resources at the same time, putting severe load on the servers. You may sometimes see a message that states 'Server is busy' or even 'Server Outage'. In the rare event that we have a complete server outage, you can lose important visitors or even sales. If you cannot afford that to happen, upgrade your account as soon as possible. You will be moved to the premium server where we setup only 300 clients and receive 99.9% service uptime, or your money back!

3. Paid hosting is more secure

When you share a server with over 30,000 users, there is a good chance that something will go wrong sooner or later. (This is common practice with most other free hosting providers). Paid hosting is completely different, as we never setup more than 300 accounts on one server and therefore the server has more free resources to run advanced server security software.

4. Paid hosting servers are much faster

On our free hosting servers, we utilise a 10mbps connection line, whereas our paid hosting servers have premium 100mbps connection lines - that's much faster. Paid hosting servers are also equipped with dual quad core processors and reliable SCSI disk drives (RAID 1).

5. Paid hosting has no limits!

In order to provide free hosting for everyone, we must add limits. We have MySQL connection limits, PHP resource limits, etc which can cause problems for many clients. Paid hosting is truly unlimited - you can enjoy the best possible service, without restriction, for an extremely affordable price.

» Free Hosting
» Premium Hosting
Price $0.00 $3.99 / month
Disk Space 1500 MB Unlimited Disk Space!
Data Transfer 100 GB / month Unlimited Data Transfer!
Add-on Domains 5 Unlimited
Sub-domains 5 Unlimited
E-mail Addresses 5 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited
Free domain yourname.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .CO.UK
Control Panel Custom Panel cPanel Pro, see demo
Reseller Hosting Feature
Web Hosting
Zyro Builder
Advanced Site Builder
Support by Live Chat
Assistance in Installing Scripts
Help in Developing Your Website
Automated Weekly Backups Limited
Uptime 99% 99.9%
FTP Accounts 1 Unlimited
Anonymous FTP Access
CGI Scripts
PHP 5.2 5.1 - 5.6
Custom PHP settings
Ruby On Rails
Ruby On Rails
Cron Jobs
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Web Mail
Mailing Lists
IMAP Support
SMTP Server
Autoinstaller 10 Scripts 300 Scripts (Softaculous)
Custom Error Pages
AWStats (Real Time Stats)
Webalizer Stats
Password Protected Directories
Shared SSL
Private SSL
Web Hosting

Upgrading to premium hosting is easy:

  1. Click on the "Order Now" button and you will be forwarded to our paid hosting platform, Hosting24.com
  2. Choose the "Order Now" menu option on Hosting24.com and complete the payment.
  3. We will setup your account on the new, super fast and reliable server, with 99.9% guaranteed service uptime, or your money back!