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Here at 000webhost, our primary goal is to help you, independent creators, to unlock the full power of the internet by learning, experimenting and building stuff online. We feel that lately, the number of attempts to somehow limit and restrict the freedom of the...

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals 2018

Along with the excitement of the holiday season is the excitement of saving money by finding the best Black Friday web hosting deals on the planet. You won’t have to hunt through dozens of sites to find the best web hosting deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday,...

000webhost Selected as HostingAdvice’s 2018 Featured Expert

As you know, our beloved free hosting service 000webhost was officially launched in 2007. The business scaled up organically, attracted millions of users with cloud-based web hosting technology, unlimited resources, and a dedication to giving freedom to our customers...

How to Become a Web Developer

Have you ever wondered who made this website? Well, our excellent web developer of course. Every single site that's on the Internet had someone design it. Web developers usually work on such aspects as layouts, colors, user-friendliness, technical elements and a...

How to Become a WordPress Developer (In 6 Steps)

Thanks to the incredible popularity of WordPress, opportunities for development abound. Whether you want to create useful plugins, weave gorgeous themes, or improve the core mechanics of WordPress, you can break into the field with a little time and effort. Of course,...

How to Add Custom WordPress Fonts the Correct Way

Your choice of font is critical to your website's design. You may think no one cares which font you use – as long as it's not Comic Sans – but this couldn't be further from the truth. Fonts can impact usability, readability, and style. Plus, using the same default...

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