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Thank you for clicking on this thread :slight_smile: Try doing a quick search on the forum, if you’ve got an error message i.e. 530 can’t connect to FTP then search this and sort by relevance, latest postings and you’ll…

How to point domain name to 000webhost.com [Tutorials] (1)

After signing up to https://000webhost.com cloud hosting you will receive default website name such as my-name.000webhostapp.com. This is very convenient because your website is instantly online. Website building can be …

[Tutorial] Using Zoho Mail (Free) to manage your domain emails [Tutorials] (2)

This tutorial is primarily aimed at users of 000webhost who have a custom premium/freeium domain parked against their 000webhostapp account. If you own website.com for example and would like to send and receive email to…

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A second method to updating your WordPress URL when you purchase a premium domain from Hostinger or park/point your own custom domain name. Firstly head over to 000webhost.com and log in. [image] …

How To Use Cloudflare For SSL [Tutorials] (4)

By default, 000webhost provides a secure connection for all 000webhostapp.com subdomains. However, for custom domains, this is not the case. But with this method, you can setup your custom domain with a secure HTTPS conn…

Rate Limiting Policy [000webhost services] (2)

As this is free hosting, there are going to be limits. However, what is available on the 000webhost free hosting platform is often abused by spammers. Because of this, we have implemented a new policy that limits the num…

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