Upgrading to hostinger

I’m interested in upgrading to Hostinger from my current 000webhost free plan. However, I have a question about my app. It currently runs on the default free URL (myapp.000webhost.com). If I upgrade to Hostinger, will this URL remain valid and work better after the upgrade, or will I need to switch to a new URL for my app?

Yeah you won’t be able to take 000webhostapp.com with you to Hostinger.
Theres a few options

  1. Take a plan which includes a free domain like macdonald.com
  2. Buy a custom domain like macdonald.com for as little as 99c from some registrars.
  3. Ask live chat if they are still providing .hostingerapp.com URL(s) upon signup or ask if you can get a free domain if you take the premium plan and hope they are feeling nice :smiley:

Use code 000STARTEROFFER to grab one year for as little as $35 or 4 years for only $85 region depending.

Ok thank you, I will just update my app with the new url. But will the current url still be valid?

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It will still be valid yeah as long as it isn’t suspended and you can redirect it to Hostinger services in meantime until your visitors move over to your new custom URL :slight_smile: