Is there any way i can transfer a website and its 000wh domain to a different account?

Jiluqu is the website i plan to move to my new email, i made it on a random old email that is not the best, and i’d rather move it to my gmail, especially since i’ve been considering upgrading to premium, so i want more security, thus the move… i want to give access to the domain and the files, but i’ve already found that it’s impossible, i know could try to download all the files and then import them to a new domain, redirecting the original one to my new one… but i want to keep my domain as i find the “redirecting” method pretty lowsy and unprofessional looking.

i know this may sound a little stupid of a question, but are any managers/moderators willing to transfer my site ownership to my new account? i dont really like asking these kinds of questions, especially considering how much moderators do in a day, but i did see a post from a while back where a moderator did transfer a site to a new account… so im just curious if its possible, as i really dont want to use the redirect to another page method, especially not as a first option…

-cheers :grin:

Not possible sadly.

You can go premium at any time with your new email address, then during migration you can provide the details of your old sites and they do all the leg work from our platform to Hostinger.

You won’t have the same 000webhostapp URL on premium so the data move is all that is taking place.

alright thanks for the info! yeah, plus… i plan to try getting a custom domain anyways… i knew it sounded super far out there so i didnt really expect, and i understand…

have a good day! :grin:

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