Inactive Users Information

Users who are inactive will start to receive emails to inform them of their inactivity, it will give you option to login to your control panel at, to stop the deletion of your websites/data/account and the timer will reset each time you login to the panel.

So if you signed up today 24th July, and then didn’t login for 3 months you will get an email giving you a weeks grace period to login to reset the timer again.

When users get the email informing them of their account inactivity you have only 1 week to login and stop deletion!

As per the terms and conditions agreed on signup to 000webhost, the user (you) is ultimately responsible for ensuring regular data backups and keeping your data safe, website files, database and anything that you would lose if your 000webhost account was deleted on purpose or by means of a system failure.

While we strive to inform users via email - if it goes to spam or is blacklisted by your email provider there is nothing we can do to combat this - we’ve invested heavily in third party mailing services to get through the highest deliverability we can. If you don’t get an email we can only apologise, ensure to take regular backups.

Here is a glimpse of the email users who have not logged in for 3 months will get giving them 1 week to login and stop the deletion.

We will update this accordingly with any changes in the future, thanks to those free plan users who suggested this idea to free up space on the free platform :slight_smile:

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Seems it would be wise for users to WHITELIST

You should get emails in the future regarding inactivity.