A must read before posting your topic!

Please read this thread before posting on the forum :slight_smile:

The content of your thread MUST CONTAIN
* Screenshots of the issue on your end
* Any actions you’ve tried already to remedy the issue

Brand new registered users may find they cannot post links so only post your URL like this: My 000webhostAPP name is : coffeeshop if your URL is http://coffeeshop.000webhostapp.com

Try doing a quick search on the forum, if you’ve got an error message i.e. 530 can’t connect to FTP then search this and sort by relevance, latest postings and you’ll normally find an answer quickly that 530 means your FTP password is wrong for example.

So when you are going to post a topic on the community forum you’ll want to make the title descriptive but not too long.

Ensure you select the Community Support section for your topic to be picked up easier!

i.e. if your WordPress website isn’t loading then a suitable title

My WordPress install isn’t loading at all

so example being

Any community members that read your topic are free to reply to it and offer assistance - the staff on the forum will chime into topics that obviously need it such as sorting cPanel issues restoring archived websites etc, something normal users cannot assist with.

Please DO NOT POST THREADS on the forum relating to sites that have been suspended - we CANNOT offer assistance via the community forum - it must be done via the email moderator@000webhost.com - this email address is for ACCOUNT SPECIFIC ISSUES WITH SUSPENSIONS mainly, any other technical support questions etc CAN BE posted freely on the forum.

If you did not get a suspension email then in rare cases you can post a thread but be descriptive - what your site is, what scripts you’ve installed, what kind of queries does it run, does it use a database, does your site have many users or many plugins etc - sites that are automatically triggered for exceeding the limits don’t always get a suspension email alike those who uploading phishing sites / hacking materials / illegal content - these sites normally get a suspension email detailing the reason.

When emailing us you must include your 000webhostapp URL and your identity documents to allow us to assist you.
Take a quick look over our terms of service to make sure your site didn’t breach any of them (usually why an account is suspended in the first place) if your site does breach any then we can’t assist you full stop, your site will be deleted after a while being in the suspended state, we do not take lightly to those who upload illegal content or promote hacking/malware.


Once again for reading and we hope you have a pleasant site building experience and you get the help you require from our community forum when you need it.

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Don’t open threads about FTP issues if you have not followed the troubleshooter.
If there are NODES affected then there is no point opening a thread - just wait out the traffic.

Don’t open threads about database issues if you have not followed the troubleshooter.
If you are rate limited, then just wait it out - there is no point in a thread that will go nowhere or it will result in linking back to this thread or a troubleshooter.

If you are a beginner checkout http://bitdegree.org or
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ask to troubleshoot your code with other developers/coders etc. Best checking the documentation for your script and communicating with the script author or troubleshooting it locally or alternative hosting to make sure it isn’t a limitation of the free plan.
Our team would be more than happy to help you with any problem you encounter. However, we will only provide free support for our system and services. We will help you with basic problems associated with getting scripts running such as advising you of the correct hostname, username, database name and information to us, but if you need help with third-party software, contact the authors of that software or query Google with error message you get.

It is not possible for us to provide help for everyone, fix PHP errors or develop your website as it would require a lot of administrative time. We focus in getting our servers and services up and running.

However, you can upgrade your account at https://www.hostinger.com/special/000webhost and we will provide you with full help in installing your scripts, developing your website and fixing errors.

Thank you

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