# in the middle of the page URLs

Hello, on my website I configure the pages and urls, for example home, www.mywebsite.com/home, I also configure on SEO (old zyro editor). But when I enter the site it is www.mywebsite.com/#home, for example, it is this # in the middle.

This text has been translated, forgive spelling errors and thanks in advance.

@Infinity Seems i’m confused, Any idea?
@fran_junior Can you post screenshots for the same?

You’ve forgot to include your 000webhostapp URL.

Are you using 000WEBHOSTAPP with the old retired site builder?

Or have you made your site fresh on the new Zyro - zyrosite.com
If the second option you’ll have to contact Zyro for any queries regarding their script as we aren’t familiar at the moment with their system.

Yes, I am using the retired editor at zyro.
URL to my website 000webhost: informacao.gq
I’ve tried everything.

Hi so if you enter your website http://informacao.gq/

Then click on a section the # appears as far as I know due to the template and all the content being on one page?
So when you click a link it loads, and that is why you see the #example page appear?

What issue is it causing you if any?

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