How can i add Adsense code


I want to enter adsense code to my website to start earning from ads

they say open html and copy it between

Can u teach me how to get to the HTML and edit the :smiley:

Ok i added the code but the ad not showing…btw im not using wordpress…

And if i edit the html the application error back

Well the account I found from searching appeared to be using WordPress hence the suggestion.

Maybe post your URL as per requirement for faster assistance…?

This is my website link

When i edit the html my site shows application error

How can i add it …idh wordpress account

My website is from another 000webhost account

Im texting with another one

Yeah I know I checked it and it appears to be CakePHP CMS, see last link?

Should i install it in the public html folder?

When i add adsense code the site goes application error and when i remove it it back to work pls help

Follow CakeCMS instructions we only advise with issues related to our hosting, not third party scripts.

Ik but adsense told me to put the code in the html …when i put it the application error is back that is what i mean

i need help pls help me

You’ll need to provide which script or CMS you are using for me to assist or ask your script developer :slight_smile: