Se borraron los archivos de mi sitio

En mi cuenta de 000webhost tenia el sitio de nuestra emisora de radio y desde unas horas no se encontraba. Cuando entro en mi cuenta no hay nada, se encuentra vacio como si nunca hubiese existido, acurrio algun problema?

If you can provide your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL - I can check deletion logs.
I can’t find any sites via custom domains or email addresses if they’ve already been deleted.

Inactive users are considered inactive if they do not log into our panel for more than 3 months.
Users are given 7 days via email, sometimes this is missed sadly in spam or out of date contact information.
Users are repsonsible for taking regular backups and logging into the control panel regularly.

See more information here: Inactive Users Information

el dominio personal es y la cuenta esta bajo mi correo, , la URL 000WEBHOSTAPP no la tengo. abra alguna manera de recuperar lo perdido?

If you signup a new account, new site then try and park your custom domain and it works that will confirm your old site has been removed for inactivity.

We don’t keep backups for free users.

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