The site is sleeping due to exceeding free limits The site is in sleep mode due to exceeding limits. Now I switched to a paid plan on HOSTINGER, the site was not transferred, I cannot transfer it myself since access to the site on is closed. All files, all databases are blocked. Support is silent everywhere. What to do ?

Glad to hear you’ve upgraded and the Hostinger team will be happy to help you further - I can’t access Hostinger systems directly sadly.

You’ll no longer use 000webhost - don’t visit our control panel - just use Hostinger from now on.

  1. Login to your brand new hosting panel via
  2. Use the live chat bottom right and provide your 000webhostapp URL - ask for free data transfer ASAP
  3. The team move all your data from 000webhost to Hostinger premium - therefore you face no limitations at all!

So you’ll need to set your custom domain if you own one to face Hostinger Premium Services via their nameservers

DNS resolution can take a small amount of time - this happens with every host and there isn’t much we can do to speed it up sadly.

We have a few things to do first to start using premium.

  1. login to Hostinger from now on - (you no longer need visit 000webhost at all)
  2. point your custom domain if you’ve got one to Hostinger nameservers
  3. activate SSL after your domain has resolved if included in your plan
  4. TRANSFER ALL 000WEBHOST DATA TO HOSTINGER > Manually, or automatically by requesting it via the live chat.
  5. After 4 steps are completed your website should resolve to Hostinger Premium - no limitations, no issues - just smooth sailing!

It would be always best to directly now to login to Hostinger
DO NOT USE 000WEBHOST :slight_smile:
If you must then head over to our panel and ensure you select YOUR PREMIUM HOSTING highlighted yellow and hit MANAGE

It would be better though to manually login via

Now we are over at our new home - Hostinger
You’ll likely see the SSL setup if you’ve got a custom domain like - you’ll need to hit Home at the top if this doesn’t appear.

This should appear if you got Free SSL included depending on plan taken.
Now please use the live chat and request your free data transfer to Hostinger as soon as possible so you no longer face limitations of 000webhost and have all your data and website on Hostinger premium.

Let me know if you get stuck.

Let me know any further questions at all and I’ll do my best to resolve from this side of things.

Login to your brand new hosting panel via

  • At the top right of your screen select the two arrows pointing towards each other (Migration requests)

  • Add request and fill in your previous hosting details in this case your 000webhostapp URL.

OR Raise a support ticket by hitting the purple button bottom right or accessing should you face any delay or difficulty

OR Use Live Chat to get an agent to do the leg work with you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you ! I try this metod

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