When building a blog or a website, you might be tempted to focus only on the visual aspects of your site. However, you need to make sure to take care of other crucial elements of your website. One of the most important being – the about me page.

In this article, we will teach you how to write a strong about me page.

What is an About Me Page?

As the name says, the about me page describes what you or your business do. It is an essential element of your website, as it helps the visitors to quickly understand what your brand is all about.

An about me page helps you to earn customers’ trust. Providing a short history of your brand will showcase your expertise in the field you are in. What is more, making a video telling your story can positively impact your visitors even more.

Last but not least, the about me page is a strategic place to have a call to action button. It could invite customers to explore your site, subscribe to your newsletters or exhibit the best posts you have.

While having a great website design and creating good quality content is important, neglecting your about me page is a huge mistake.

How to Make a Great About Me Page?

A poorly created about me page will do more harm than good. Scattered information and bad grammar are two things you should always avoid.

So what makes a good about me page? Let’s explore some guidelines to help you do your best.

Don’t Make it Linear

An about me page does not have to only contain common facts, like your company’s origin, location, and contact info. You can use it to explain why customers should care about you. Check this example from Moz.

Moz About Me Page

Instead of giving too much information, Moz decided to present a short but impactful introduction. It highlights the company’s focus on customers, their values and mission.

An introduction like this immediately sparks trust between the company and the customer.


Honesty is gold, and it is important to practice it on your introduction page. You may talk about your credentials, but make it humble. Customers will lose their trust if your description sounds too braggy.

It is also a good idea to use customers’ testimonials in your about me page. However, always make sure to use only real reviews and provide a source to them. Otherwise, the testimonials might look fake and lower customers’ trust for your company.

Keep it Focused

Your about me page should focus on only useful information. Write about your mission, values, your brand’s vision. Don’t dwell too much into irrelevant details, as bloated information shows bad style and looks unprofessional.

Keep it simple and short, as this is the best way to demonstrate your professionalism and stay humble.

It Serves the Reader not You

First and foremost, the about me page serves your customers. You need to show your customers why they can trust you and why you are the best solution for their problems.

You should only provide relevant information for the user. Don’t use the about me page as a place to toot your own horn.


The about me page is an essential element of your brand. When created correctly, an about me page can make or break your business.

Keep in mind, that this element isn’t a place for you to brag and show off, but to inform and build trust with your visitors.

To write a good about me page, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Be creative. Don’t only focus on dry facts. A boring about me will not serve its original purpose.
  • Don’t lie or brag. It will only bring distrust and ruin your business’ reputation.
  • Focus on only providing relevant information.
  • Show that you care about your customers and why it is a good idea for them to trust you and your brand.

We hope you find this article helpful!

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