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000webhost was founded in 2004 and is now 15 years in business. is best free web hosting provider with decades of leadership in web publishing sphere. 000webhost is world first free cloud web hosting provider. All infrastructure is based on cloud data AWX technology. Latest UX Cpanel - is top notch tool for best experience and very fast web publishing. * Free third level domain hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel, FTP and no Ads. is 100% free web hosting. * Free web hosting with Ultra fast free cloud servers with latest SSD storage and ultimate free DDOS protection. Free web hosting uptime is unbelievably great and is 99%! Millions of 000webhost reviews by happy users all around the world. * Best place to start your small and medium projects and later to scale into more advanced premium web hosting plans. Easy website builder with hundreds professionally designed free templates. Absolutely free SSL domains and free Wordpress web hosting.

Website title - Free Web Hosting with MySQL, PHP, Cpanel, free third party domains and easy website builder.

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Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, free Website Builder, cPanel and no ads. Almost unlimited free website hosting and free domain hosting. Host website for Free

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Contact Information Address: 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus Abuse reports are served at: contact[at]

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Review of by Diane Therrien on 2016/10/16 at 21:15
Reasons why I upgraded from free to paid and LOVED it. My business started to grow, so now I have guarantees and backups, the speed is better and I have more resources, actually unlimited ones and for a great price. It makes my business feel more secure. And it gives you a great bonus - 24/7 live support. Guys there are really cool, very professional. Experienced some down time, yet when contacted them (in a questionable hour) and they got it back online in no time.
Review of by Bertha Strand on 2016/10/15 at 17:24
I have uploaded phishing files, I know It’s against tos. But who do they think they are to remove my account and tell me that I should have read the rules before signing up??? Turns out free plan doesn’t give you any guarantees. Pay attention when you register for a free account, not best choice for phishing and hack files...
Review of by Beverly C. Smith on 2016/10/12 at 19:14
Really like the 000Webhost free hosting service, but do you know what I like even more? The amazing website builder, not only was it super simple to build my website, it is also mobile friendly and looks great on any device used! I installed my social media buttons and my site started flourishing. I own a flower store, so the term matches the situation, ha ha. In any case, becoming visible online is the greatest decision that I ever made. I was happy to upgrade to premium plan, cause that means that my business is growing and I know that it is in good hands.
Review of by Jens Boehm on 2016/10/05 at 17:48
Wish I could say something that was wrong with this hosting but I can’t. I only tried it to prove my point that you can’t get quality for such thing for free. And I lost so now I have to lose all my arrogance and write that you really do provide an amazing service which is the perfect option for beginners or the ones who want to start rom testing and then upgrade. Why I state this? Because there are no ads, speed is amazing for free service, UI is very friendly and pre made templates let you have a professionally looking website in no time. Simply amazing.
Review of by Lucille Lereau on 2016/09/30 at 20:27
Short thank you note for providing top quality services for free. I choose to pay for something only if I find it to be really great. So after testing the quality of your services and check if you really deliver what you promise, I know that my websites, my business is safe in your hands. Now I’m a paid client and the benefits that come with it are simply amazing, especially the support team. Don’t know how but you managed to gather a very passionate group of people who seem to really be interested in what they are doing. It’s great to talk to human being and not a robot that only provides pre-written template answers.
Review of by Vivienne Morel on 2016/09/14 at 19:18
Learned some basics with 000Webhost, created my WordPress blog but when my site started to get traffic, I started to get error messages. Others would be sad and angry about it, but those error messages actually made me happy, since it meant that my page is becoming more and more popular! Was ready to upgrade and the service got even better. Greatest benefits I wish to share: started to get 24/7 live support and even better speed. Nice work, guys. Keep up the standards.
Review of by Massimo Mazzi on 2016/09/12 at 15:30
Recently upgraded from 000Webhost to Hosting24 and am very happy, not only did I get a lot more disk space, now I can use the newest PHP version which is a lot better for my business. The unlimited number of subdomains makes managing my websites a lot easier, everything is so organized now! At first it was a bit confusing but when I learned to manage everything properly, I am very happy and satisfied with their services.
Review of by Preston Johnstone on 2016/09/01 at 18:17
Used 000Webhost for some time and since everything worked well and my page started to get traffic I knew that upgrading was inevitable. Stepped on the 50% lifetime discount and upgraded. And now I get plenty more features which made developing my site a lot easier, since I got more than hundreds of scripts that can be auto installed and the speed got even better. Had a minor issue and ruined the code on one of my sites, good that the 24/7 live support told me what the problem was so that I could fix it. Great value of money.
Review of by Frederick Gray on 2016/08/26 at 23:11
Signed up only for fun, to see what ‘best free hosting provider’ could possibly offer that wasn’t terrible and was totally surprised. Speed was uptime, UI friendly, so I played around for some time and somehow 000webhost seemed to grow on me. So I simply upgraded and then met their amazing support staff. Very professional and direct to answer. So, I moved all my sites from my previous host to them. Simple as that. Not only do I save money now, I get a better service. Great value.
Review of by Brian L. Radford on 2016/08/20 at 21:17
Yes, I know it’s free, but no free support via phone! How am I supposed to fix errors on my site quickly, who can help me???

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