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AwardSpace was founded in 2004 and is now 15 years in business.

We got good first impression after visiting - stylish, professional and easy-to-navigate website. So nothing to wait for, going to signup and test it. Signup was fast and easy - no fields for very personal details (like gender or phone number), only standard fields for full name, desired username and password. After a few seconds we got confirmation email containing everything customer may need - control panel login details, information about FTP and email accounts, etc. Nice looking control panel made even better impression - extremely easy-to-use file manager, cronjob window, domain manager and other options are displayed single place. PHP support worked as advertised, no forced ads were displayed on our website. Perfect choice for any webmaster! And this is a copy of their activation email: Dear Valued Customer, Below are your account details, you will need your username and password to access your Hosting Control Panel and FTP. IMPORTANT: Make sure you upload your files to the domain/subdomain directory on the server; otherwise they will not be visible on the Internet. Also, please be sure that your homepage is saved as an "index" file e.g., index.php, index.html, index.htm, etc. We suggest you download some advanced ftp client to manage your files quickly if you do not already have an ftp client, or you can use the File Manager inside. New Account Information: Hosting Package: FREE Hosting Plan Domain: (You can add your domain inside your Hosting Control Panel) Username: xxx Password: xxx Nameserver 1: Nameserver 2: Nameserver 3: Nameserver 4: Hosting Control Panel: You may use the address given below manage your hosting account: Members Zone: FTP Account Information: Your default FTP account information: Hostname: (You should add a domain/subdomain first in your Hosting Control Panel) Username: xxx Password: xxx You can manage your FTP account(s) inside your Hosting Control Panel (check your FTP Manager section). E-mail Account Information: E-mail accounts that you add: POP3/IMAP Host Address: (depends on the hostname you use for the e-mail account, i.e your domain or subdomain). SMTP Host Address: (check if you have this option enabled) Username: (the FULL e-mail address that you are creating, e.g. Password: (as specified in your control panel)

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AWARDSPACE.COM - Free Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Professional Web Hosting, Domain registration, Affordable, Reseller Program, PHP, MySQL, Ecommerce

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Free Business Hosting, Professional Hosting, Domain registration, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Perl, CGI

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AttractSoft GmbH Mathildenstr. 18 24148, Kiel GERMANY

AwardSpace Reviews 2019

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Review of by George Flammer on 2014/03/11 at 19:10
I used for 4 years because I never felt like actually going through the effort of switching hosts. Throughout the 4 years they had pretty bad downtime relative to other hosts. What got me was last night I noticed all of my sites were down. I tried to login to my account and kept getting a message about invalid user. If you call up you get connected to another company that provides support and they are located in India which made it very hard to understand what was going on. They deleted my account even though I had been paying for it for years now and have not gotten back to me in over a day now about my issue. My account was deleted because they said I was sending spam emails, however, the only email scripts I had were the ones that were set up for the contact forms on my sites and all emails were sent directly to me.

They are by far the worst at dealing with support. They do have some good features but overall I would avoid them.
Review of by Leigh on 2013/08/13 at 12:48
Absolutely the WORST hosting company I have ever worked with! DO NOT GO WITH THEM!
Review of by Sheila on 2013/05/10 at 16:20
Do NOT go paid with these people.

I purchased the premium hosting plan, the one where I could supposedly host up to ten domains. I have been trying to install Wordpress for ten months now. I can install it but cannot upload my old theme, new ones, or even new widgets.

Worse, I rarely get access to the file manager in order to upload the Wordpress information manually. It's always in "compatibility mode" and I can't access it to upload the files. I've tried different browsers and it only works 25% of the time. Right now, I have my domains pointed to a site I host elsewhere.

It's not worth the hit to your website ranking if your sites are down all the time.

It's a shame, their domain support rocks. The hosting isn't very good.
Review of by Peter on 2013/05/04 at 23:53
I was using Awardspace for 6 months and although they had some issues, I didn't care too much because my website isn't critical. It would be lucky to get 30 visitors a month so no problem when they were down.

Imagine my surprise, when I was given a notice advising my webpage was Suspended because of Over Use.
It "Apparently" had used it's Monthly Quota of 5Gig.(2 days into it)
WOW is it possible my website had gone viral and everyone in the world wanted to see it? I doubt it :p

I quickly got onto my Stat Counter to see the stats of the site. Disappointing, only 8 Page Views in the month of May.
I then checked Awardspace Traffic Usage system and it also reported 40Mb of data had been used over the 2 days of May.

The real fun starts when I contacted support.
Sent tickets with screen shots and clear explanations of why it's not possible for my site to have used up the month quota.
Screen shots included my Stat Counter showing 8 Page Views.
Another Screen shot of their Traffic Monitoring system showing only 40MB of data used in the 2 days of May. Not 5Gigs.
The explanations were simple. I even did some maths for them.
Awardspace support reply with Copy and Past replies. Nothing indicating what could be the problem, such as account misconfiguration, or monthly data wasn't reset. Only Childish answers.

At time of writing they were having a special, a years hosing for a cheep amount. Unlimited Space and Unlimited Traffic. But when I read the fine print I noticed some discrepancies. So there's no way I would purchase this hosting package.

I have now moved to another host by simply rerouting my DNS. Never let a hosting company handle your domain names. If such and issue arises you won't have control of your domain names. It'll be messy to get back ownership and redirect your domain names. Use a DNS service. In this case the Data of the Webpage was Stuck on Awardspace but I simply uploaded my data from the backup to the new host.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences.
Review of by John Garza on 2012/03/11 at 17:42
I have been with Awardspace for almost 7 years up until this year there were very few issues. I had 30 sites with them and recently had to delete them all because of a massive Trojan attack, this being after their servers were completely taken down by a huge Hack. Now as I write this their servers are down again, while I am right in the middle of rebuilding my sites. I hate to say it but, it looks like it's time to move on to someone else. Too bad because I just renewed my year.
Review of by Stephan Casey on 2012/01/28 at 17:15
I don't know why 000webhost banned other people's websites but they have never done such a thing to me. I left Awardspace because free users don't have access to some very important options. The only bad thing I hear of 000Webhost is about customer service and banned accounts. I don't have a problem with either of those...
Review of by Doyle Murry on 2011/10/12 at 21:33
After losing a supposed lifetime hosting with Hostingrevolution (they quietly closed shop and ran) and a lot of checking of dubious review web pages I decided to try Awardspace. Tried their phone number and got the disconnected signal. Same thing later. Tried a third time and got a busy signal. Fourth time was a charm--a recording came on and informed me the usual wait was 60 minutes, just leave my number and they would call. Humm. This was after an unsuccessful attempt at their supposed chat line which is an email line in disguise-not a chat line. Email was answered hours later telling me how busy and short staffed they were and they gave a completely different answer than what would be in the fine print of the contract. In other words for the Web Pro Plus for three years the fine print says you pay for three years but the domain will be extra after one year. In other words tho' they provide the web service for all three the domain will be repaid annually, The email denied this and claimed all would be paid up for the three years. I see a red flag here that tells me to move on.
Review of by cesarmonov on 2011/09/27 at 15:02

Awardspace is the best ever. I have a free account with them for almost 2 years now and I have no problem at all. A few years back I opened a free account with 000webhost and after some months they suspended my blog and now I'm going legally against them. Quite a bad experience. Today i opened another account with Awardspace.
I'm not trying to do any favor of Awardspace, however they work for me and 000webhost just ruined my work
Review of by MickeyFinn on 2011/09/14 at 20:44
Abandon 000webhost before they delete your account without reason, don't bother to contact you to tell you what they have done and don't bother replying to emails.

Awardspace 100% better so far.
Review of by Charlie on 2011/07/10 at 07:31
Am about to try it, 000webhost banned my account

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