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fat cow was founded in 1997 and is now 21 years in business.

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Web Hosting by FatCow - Affordable & E-Commerce Enabled

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Small business web hosting offering additional business services such as: domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, FrontPage help, online community resources and various small business solutions.

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cowfat, bigcow

fat cow Reviews 2018

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Review of fatcow.com by beverly hornick on 2015/01/28 at 04:19
This website host is a nightmare to deal with. We signed with them to host a company but did not auto renew. No matter once they had our credit card number they continued to bill. When contacted they would switch me to accounting, play loud blaring music and keep me on an indefinite hold They dont want to resolve the problem. My credit card company finally resolved after 3 months and 5 phone calls. Really bad folks . Guess you get what you pay for.
Review of fatcow.com by jon on 2014/11/29 at 05:14
I have to agree with the negative reviews here about fatcow.com web hosting in particular.

They are the worst hosting company I have ever seen, easily.

They cancelled my hosting account and shutdown my entire website for non-payment, even though I paid for my hosting renewal exactly 2 days prior to the expiration date.

I have all of reciepts,screenshots etc. everything to prove my case as well but still to date they refuse to talk to me. and when when I emailed them they did not want to talk to me of course and did not answer me back. Also without my permission they began forwarding my domain flightdealsuk.com to a parked page, I believe with rook media without my approval or consent. When I tried talking with them via chat, they also would not answer. I am of course considering a legal suit at this point I am so frustrated. Avoid this company at all cost.
Review of fatcow.com by Brian Krauklis on 2014/10/25 at 20:14
Very unhappy that even though I set up the cancellation of my service when my term expired, FatCow billed my credit card anyways. I am now going through the reversal process on something that never should have occurred in the first place.
Review of fatcow.com by Leila on 2014/06/14 at 15:36
Fat cow would be better named dead cow. Every day I get "error in database connection" or something like that. It's disgusting. Worse than free hosting. Will change hosting provider.
Review of fatcow.com by Farang in Thailand on 2014/01/20 at 20:29
Been with FatCow for 2 years, never a problem, friendly support.
learned the hard way, know the limitations of the ISP, check and ask.
If you work within the limitations of the ISP there is never a problem.
If you need it all, with all the trimmings than go to an ISP that can provide these services, they cost a lot and have a lot of added charges.
Just a simple web site that works like 99.9% of us use FatCow is great. I have 5 sites and never have a problem, my Web guy/designer is in the Philippines and he also has never had a problem setting up and maintaining my sites.
I highly recommend FatCow.

Review of fatcow.com by Elizabeth Chang on 2013/10/02 at 18:35
After 10 years as a FatCow customer, I have finally decided to shop somewhere else for my web hosting needs. I have had to take too much valuable time out of my schedule to settle billing disputes because FatCow does not make it obvious enough in the customer Control Panel how to opt out of services at the end of a billing cycle, and then you get charged for a service you don't want. Because of this problem, I recently filed a dispute for one of my charges through my credit card company. My credit card company requested that FatCow respond to the dispute in order to close the matter but FatCow refuses to contact third parties to resolve disputes - what FatCow decided to do instead was to shut down my site for 2 weeks now. Reporting the business to BBB.org did not help because FatCow still refused to respond to the dispute with my credit card company.

I am highly unhappy with FatCow as they have taken up too much of my time and their overall policies serve nothing to keep customers satisfied.
Review of fatcow.com by Siddhartha Mitra on 2013/09/24 at 00:44
Fatocw is the worst and slowest webhosting service one can imagine. My page http://medametrics.com takes almost a minute to load! I had two other similar Joomla sites in Fatcow earlier, and moved away from Fatcow because they were loading very slowly. Unfortunately, teh medametrics.com account was on auto-renew, and how I am stuck with the slowest ever webhost for 3 more years!
Review of fatcow.com by Utterly Frustrated on 2013/09/03 at 15:48
This is without question the WORST host company in 10+ years working with websites I have EVER used. The support is a team of completely inept technically challenged morons who despite frequent 'We never touch your files without permissions' will make changes that completely down sites. They NEVER can tell you what went wrong, just reply to a problem with 'we fixed it'. I've had more issues then satisfaction - in fact make that ZERO satisfaction.

Getting a direct answer is akin to levitating across the Grand Canyon - IMPOSSIBLE...

Words don't aptly express how incompetent this service is. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

Review of fatcow.com by unonn on 2013/08/20 at 08:31
this hosting company is charging me even if I did not auto renew my site. Services is not good and beware because once your credit card registered they will billed you. I never trust this web hosting sites anymore.
Review of fatcow.com by maria on 2013/03/14 at 18:34
ciao io sono mari e ho 3 fratelli cretini e mia sorella alba .alba vuole uscire sempre con le sue amiche e io vado a doposcuola antonio lunedi' a giocato a calcio e si e rotto il ginocchio

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