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Giga Pros General Information

Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 9 years in business.

Contact Information

GigaPros Web Solutions (contact@gigapros.com)
21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322
Tel. +1.8777764442

Email: sales@gigapros.com

Giga Pros Reviews 2017

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Review of gigapros.com by Joshua Brookes on 2015/06/17 at 10:07
Recently moved to Gigapros after a nightmarish debacle with another hoster. Support has always been good (ie they actually read and answer the questions you ask), and they understand the technology.

Fantastic pricing too. As a professional .net developer I know a lot of other developers and clients, asking about good hosting companies, so Gigapros will benefit as word spreads for going the extra yard.
Sites are always up and run as fast. No issues with viruses or hackers. 5 out of 5 stars.
Review of gigapros.com by Nicol Peterson on 2015/06/16 at 07:52
I am very pleased with Gigapros service. The package is complete, support questions are answered within a reasonable time.
They have wonderful features coupled with very cheap hosting packages and nice management system and SmarterMail webmail access are amazingly rich and intuitive interfaces. The application packs they now support also help facilitate almost effortless setup of great commonly used web based applications.
You can't go wrong with this company! Would highly recommend to others.
Review of gigapros.com by Sofie S. Bech on 2015/06/15 at 07:44
Gigapros is quite reliable. Tech support can be slow and sometimes it takes a few iterations to solve an issue.
The control panels always work, everything's up. Good communication and support. I've had a couple of sites hosted here - and the pricing is very very competitive.
Review of gigapros.com by Dallas Jasso Olvera on 2015/06/11 at 14:26
Gigapros has exceptional pricing and great uptime. I have, however had VERY difficult experiences with the support staff via email and online trouble ticket system when there has been loss of service. The support ticket system has been excellent with outstanding response times with clear intelligent answers.
The last one I submitted had a 7 minute response time with not one but two people responding at the same time (well within a minute of each other).

I recommend using Gigapros with the caution against attempting support via email or their ticketing proccess.
Call for all support issues.
Review of gigapros.com by Robert Mora on 2015/06/10 at 07:27
I have very good success with Gigapros. Their customer service is outstanding...every time I have ever ran into any issues whatsoever, whether it's been issues with my account when I've been past due, and they have been lenient with payments and kept my services on. If I've had technical issues, they have resolved them very promptly.

I've been in the web design business for over 10 years, and I've used Many web hosts. And I've found that Gigapros is the absolute best overall.
Review of gigapros.com by Brandon Stagovsky on 2015/06/09 at 14:07
I've had a good run dealing with Gigapros web host. This service allows for easy setup of websites and emails, modifications, and monitoring through their control panel user page. Online explanations of features and instructions are clearly written.

The best part is the customers service. I have had several after hours questions and have always had a response within ten minutes, in some cases immediately. After hours customer service even acted on my behalf to modify the account and make setup changes I had requested. Again within minutes! I recommended this decent web host.
Review of gigapros.com by Gioacchino Napolitani on 2015/05/20 at 06:41
Think that it will be useful info for other webmasters regarding Gigapros's reliability. I've been using their services since November, 2014 - everything has been working great. Support is responsive and uptime is near perfect; open several tickets and were responded promptly not to mention they resolved my request.
I would highly recommend them if you are looking for quality services with all the features you may need for successful running of web sites.
Review of gigapros.com by Florus Mothe on 2015/05/18 at 07:34
The uptime is great no outgoing whatsoever. The databases and CMS work great. The tech support is qualified and always willing to help. I've been using Gigapros business plan for a year now and I don't have any problems so far. The pricing is good and the uptime is great.
The tech support is always there and provides a lot of help when needed, I personally can recommend this company.
Review of gigapros.com by Pete Aderson on 2015/05/13 at 07:42
I recently upgraded to Gigapros virtual private server to ensure stability which was quite a seamless transfer after a problem for a couple of hours. All as expected and things are running faster more consistently for a little more $ per month. The shared hosting is a very good option anyway and perfect if your starting out. Make sure you take advantage of the discount offers and you can get yourself, cheap reliable hosting...
Review of gigapros.com by Olga Blazkova on 2015/05/12 at 08:18
I started purchasing services of Gigapros 2 years ago and now even 4 of my friends are also getting web hosting services from them, I have never faced any issue, till now they have provided 100% uptime. I am very much satisfied by their customer service, they are available 24/7 and provide instant service whenever required.
And the server cost is way too cheap. And the technical support is just awesome. Its 24/7.Response time is very quick.

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