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Giga Pros was founded in 2008 and is now 11 years in business.

Contact Information GigaPros Web Solutions ( 21143 Hawthorne Blvd #322 Torrance CA,90503 US Tel. +1.8777764442 Email:

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Review of by Mateusz Michalski on 2013/04/11 at 08:45
I have more than a year expirience using GiGapros service and I'm very satisfied. For the little money I have true PHP5/MySQL5 hosting and almost unlimited resources. In addition, I used the opportunity to use Java. Support also works pretty well.
Review of by yuriy NEGATIVE on 2013/04/08 at 17:58
Those reviews below are like clockwork - one per day and all hyper positive. I have a different story.

Every ticket was answered like they were on drugs until number of tickets reached 3 or 4. Then, supposedly, US based support went into action and was trying to do something.

Was never able to resolve a single question over the phone or chat. Their answer was always "submit a ticket". They might as well put this on their answering machine or auto responder, cuz it's what issues drill down to anyway.

Tech support does not have access to log files. BAD!
They test something quickly and would say: everything works on our tests, have a good day! And yes, it still does not work on ours!

List of problems includes (separate issues):
1. server on black list
2. firewall blocking our office IP addresses
3. mail was not arriving due to their DNS misconfiguration

I am fed up with their POOR service, we are quitting. No more gigaLamers for us! enough is enough!
Review of by Normand Brodeur on 2013/04/05 at 09:29
First class service and support. Have been a customer for 1 year and have never had a issue with performance.
I'm extremely pleased with your service. Gigapros is not the first webhost I hosted with and I can say the support is one of the most important things to look at when selecting a webhost. I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided.
As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.
Overall I would rate it 9.6/10.
Review of by Sandra C. Henriksen on 2013/04/04 at 09:44
I researched some other hosts for around a week and just about had my mind made up when I stumbled on a review of Gigapros Hosting.
First class service and support. On the last two occasions I have required help support got back to me within 10 mins! They are available 24/7 [unbelievable but true]. We have also referred many friends there and all say they are good.
Uptime is great.
So far, a very happy customer.
Review of by Barbara R. Good on 2013/04/03 at 09:24
GiGapros is reliable. Haven't had any problems. Easy to get in touch with someone if I have a question.
Its good to know there is a site out there that has good support, great hosting... and an all around great friend.
The service is extremely affordable and very easy to use and a lot of help is there when needed.
Good value. Highly recommended.
Review of by Vasyl Petrenko on 2013/04/02 at 09:49
Gigapros are just fantastic, words can't describe how satisfied I am with them. I've never had a second of downtime, and all my websites load really fast.
It responds quickly to my support tickets, and keeps introducing cool new services and ad-dons.
Their pricing is also extremely fair, especially when considering their reliability, service and support.
Overall, I hope they keep up the great work in the future, and don't sellout or change anything.
Review of by Rune Costa on 2013/04/01 at 09:15
Switched our websites 11 months ago to GiGapros Hosting, and have been a happy customer since then.

The speeds I am experiencing are awesome. With my previous provider there were some periods where things were fast, and other times things were sluggish.
Very professional in approach and follow up.

Since everything is always up, I don't have to waste time constantly submitting tickets.
Overall, I hope they keep up the great work in the future!
Review of by Fredrika Eriksson on 2013/03/27 at 11:49
Well, GiGapros has been an excellent web-hosting choice for me.
Everything about them is just perfect for me basically I can operate my websites and domain names just as I want, with support if I need it.
Site uploaded and mail lists set up without a hitch - and any technical query dealt with immediately.
For a newbie I can't recommend them more highly.
Review of by Rocio R. Stephens on 2013/03/22 at 07:59
Extremely happy with Gigapros. They offer good value and good service, compared to the I've been with. They are quick with their responses and seem to be very reliable.
Uptime in the 10 months since we moved has been 100% and the server is always fast and stable.
Their package prices also amazed me, especially since they utilize lite-speed powered servers.
State-of-the-art hosting services.
Review of by Mafalda L. on 2013/03/21 at 09:15
I researched some other hosts for around a week and just about had my mind made up when I stumbled on a review of Gigapros Hosting. I had a look around their site and also found some other reviews around the web and felt that this was the host for me.
On the last two occasions I have required help support got back to me within 10mins.
I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.
Deff recommend!

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