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Hosting 24 was founded in 2002 and is now 17 years in business. is one of the best web hosts on the market. They know exactly what you need for your website: * Rock stable servers. Utilizing premium datacenter with zero network downtime. Dual everything architecture. They actually managed to reach 99.9% uptime and (unlike other providers) they have a link where you can confirm that yourself. * Great support. Live chat support is always on, with minimal wait time. Tickets are answered is less than 1 hour. To confirm this we have submitted request to answer 5 basic pre-sales questions (check below for answers), and we have received reply in just 25 minutes. Moreover - you can ask regular staff members to forward your inquiry to the company CEO if you are not satisfied with reply. * Tons of features supported: everything starting PHP and MySQL and ending with free domain, SSH access, dedicated IP. So we rate 10/10, because they have everything you need: perfect uptime profile, great technical support and feature rich hosting service. And you get everything for just $4.84 per month.

Hosting 24 10 out of 10 based on 1256 ratings. 419 user reviews.


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Providing reliable and cheap web hosting services with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Website Builder and 24x7 user support

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Review of by Alexander on 2011/05/26 at 09:16
At the end of January 2011, I start hosted my site at Hosting24, and after the Payment, my account was directly activated. You might want to know if the support is always eager to help me everytime I need them.

I use gold package and I used the coupon code MIRACLE24 and I got discount.

Thank you Hosting24. Bravo!
Review of by Roger on 2011/04/27 at 02:09
I've been with three big name hosting company's, but all of them suspended my account as I was getting tons of visits, which was generating "high load" from what they told me. not only hosted my website without suspending it, but they also helped me to "tweak" my pages for them to load faster.

I'll always be grateful to Hosting24.

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Review of by Pablo Fernandez on 2011/04/07 at 05:24
This is the best web hosting service out there! With
99% uptime and great support. It has everything to
Get your website or bussiness up and running.
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Review of by Anonymous on 2011/03/10 at 00:50
"Our uptime (no matter which server) was never less than 99.9%. And if anything happens on any server our staff is immediately alerted by the monitoring system."

Does that count DDOS attacks?

I don't think so.
Review of by Phill on 2011/03/05 at 16:22
Great service, know their products, knowledgeable customer support and priced right. I have been a customer for over 5 yrs and have been very pleased with this hosting provider
Review of by Hosting24 User on 2011/02/28 at 19:37
I can't stop recommending they helped me through two domain changes in under a week without slowing down, there always improving, and I am always up. The speed is fast with the new upgrade they just gave out
Review of by Andras on 2011/02/14 at 03:05
Best hosting ever!
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Review of by Hayden Matthews on 2011/01/09 at 19:42
The uptime of Hosting24 is 100% always online in my opinion - it is one of the most reliable hosting companies I have ever used!
The support, there is just one word, amazing! They have the best support! They are always there for you on the live chat or by submitting a ticket! Tickets for me are usually resolved within 10 minutes, live chat usually instantly! They are always there for the customer and they've never let me down in the time I've been with them.
The speed is just great, perfect upload and download speeds over FTP - brilliant speed loading my website, using a measuring tool it takes always under 1 second to fully load my site - I call that fast.
Review of by MoumTski on 2010/12/28 at 07:48
Awesome webhost. Great value for money hosting, good speeds and the the free domain is ..YAY!!As long I will maintain websites Hosting24 is my first choise


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Review of by Fede on 2010/12/09 at 12:48
The best webhosting ever!!
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