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Hosting 24 was founded in 2002 and is now 17 years in business. is one of the best web hosts on the market. They know exactly what you need for your website: * Rock stable servers. Utilizing premium datacenter with zero network downtime. Dual everything architecture. They actually managed to reach 99.9% uptime and (unlike other providers) they have a link where you can confirm that yourself. * Great support. Live chat support is always on, with minimal wait time. Tickets are answered is less than 1 hour. To confirm this we have submitted request to answer 5 basic pre-sales questions (check below for answers), and we have received reply in just 25 minutes. Moreover - you can ask regular staff members to forward your inquiry to the company CEO if you are not satisfied with reply. * Tons of features supported: everything starting PHP and MySQL and ending with free domain, SSH access, dedicated IP. So we rate 10/10, because they have everything you need: perfect uptime profile, great technical support and feature rich hosting service. And you get everything for just $4.84 per month.

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Providing reliable and cheap web hosting services with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Website Builder and 24x7 user support

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Review of by New_hosting24_user on 2010/12/07 at 15:25
Support is great I always seem to get reply within the hour
I had a problem updating a script (disk full error)
I said where is my unlimited disk space (my public_html folder would fit on a floppy) they fixed it and replied in under 5 minutes

Speed seems good (connecting to seems a little long to me)

Uptime seems good except there is a 600 hits per 5 minute limit (prefer the 2.some k hits per client on limit (includes external files (js/css))) then they give your users high CPU error with a incorrect URL resulting in a 404 error assuming there error page redirect is in php it would look like this:
so you only get the error page on the home page of your site which results in a lot of where is the page messages from users
sadly this limit is not acceptable for me so I am planning on switching to another host since I know someone that uses godaddy (economy plan) and they are doing something similar to what I am doing on the site and they are having no problems I am going to try it (to my knowledge the tech support is not as good but it is cheaper)

Used this paid host for under a week so far
Review of by Luigui Maitret on 2010/11/09 at 06:35
Review of by Plavu.Tk on 2010/11/01 at 03:33
@mac: I have just been hosted by Hosting24.Com. I will write a review after 3-6 months.
Review of by Kim on 2010/09/12 at 21:31 is very good.

But staffs are very unkind. Yesterday, When I asked how to connect via SSH in the chat room, the staff didn't say anything and left the room.
Review of by mac on 2010/09/05 at 22:24
@Tango One Enterprises - Thank you for taking some time out and putting up such a detailed well written review. Helps quite a lot especially when looking for genuine reviews. I've been looking for a good webhost for a while now - any suggestions? You could email me as well if you would like to.
Review of by Mario S on 2010/09/04 at 13:05
I like very much Hosting24. But you would out more hits limits because if I have a big site with a good number of people joining I will see my site always down! Hosting24 only need to change this setting.
Review of by Mitko Hristov on 2010/06/27 at 22:55
1.Very touching ,very beautifull site
2.I am feeling in my water when i'am loggin into the account
4.Google page RANK -OVER 7 (Lucky number)
5.Reliable(u need to stick ot TOS)
6.Very fast acces menus ,,well arrayed menus(cpanel)(i love the custom c panel) they are the MERCEDES of webhosting
7.Alot of space ...great bandwidth ,,alot of options,support is nice,quick,
and the most inportant thing they are doing all this for the people...for us...the have also a statistic SERVER STATS PAGE ...IT IT VERY USEFULL ..
Review of by Towhid on 2010/04/18 at 11:24
Silver Package don't come with MultiDomain Support. That's the only thing wrong there. because 000webhost's have this for free.

but still one of the bests.
Review of by Tango One Enterprises on 2010/04/14 at 19:11
I own a company that does web site hosting and design as well as advertising and marketing, publishes a small magazine and produces a simulcast radio/television/webcast/podcast variety talk show. I have reviewed on my show a couple of times. I will post my review here.

It's an ok company. I sometimes think all the hype is done by the company posting reviews themselves to get better hype and a better rating.

I have hosted with this company for awhile. They were not so great starting out. My site always crashing, and they would have some excuse to try and turn it back as my problem. Web mail would not work, I would get ajax errors, and the e mail reply would be, it's your browsers fault. Not that AJax is a server side set up or anything like that. My web site went down for like 4 days, they admitted some glitch about DOS attack. Yet they never lived up to their 99.9 guarntee as they have it posted. I can say the first 3 months were very interesting. Definitely not like what all these "glowing" reviews are stating it is like. There customer service lacked a lot. They came across as being people with little experience who were walking through a pre defined script. I have a Computer Engineering degree and could have walked them through with what was wrong, and I often did. PS a lot of your code in the Apache Web Server, was written by me, I was one of the coders for the apache project. And the computers set up at those "Data" centers, in Seattle they were in part, set up by me, well I was one of the people who set the data center up.... Now lets here's customer service people make such a claim.. Ajax errors is a browser problem my *%$.

I have hosted on a lot of hosts. I find that they all are pretty much the same. I have yet to get any super great service as most of these posts tout. I also do not know anybody who truely writes a honest review like that.

I have stayed with them. so far, for the last 3 months no problems. thats a good thing. When a business, a web hosting business, can have no problems for it's customers, that is a very good thing. I have the business reseller package. I have a domain registrar account and can register domains as well as provide hosting and design services for customers, businesses, artists, bands and so forth. When I can have no customers calling me to complain that their web site is not viewable to them or their friends or fans or customers, then I am happy and the hosting service is doing a good job. And so far for the second 3 months, this company is doing good.

However I would like to see and suggest that, make the following changes to their hosting services.
1) Add in simple scripts.
2) Add in Miva Merchant.
3) Get a telephone number to call you by.
4) Your currently at 97.34% uptime as logged by:
All of which are set up to monitor my account.

At this time, I am willing to give it another 3 months and then re-review how it is doing. Hopefully will continue to do well, and I won't have any problems, and if I do, hopefully the customer service staff will be diligent and polite in fixing the problem.
Review of by Bob on 2010/04/09 at 03:21
Hosting24 is one of the best hosts ever. From my experiences hosting24 has had fast speed, 24/7 uptime and support was pretty OK. I half and half on support mainly because some extremely weird requests (eg an app that make 50 emails in 1 minute) were declined. Other then that the support was really good, because of a free upgrade to gold package.

Value, and anything would be 9.99999/10

No host ever has scored a 10 in my book

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