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host monster was founded in 1999 and is now 20 years in business.

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HostMonster - Web Hosting

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monsterhosting, monsterhost

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HostMonster, Inc. 1958 South 950 East Provo, UT 84606 Sales Support: Main Line: 866-573-4678 Outside the U.S: 801-494-8462

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Review of by on 2017/12/13 at 17:52
You use my name of domain without my authorisation we ask you to stop this use immediately, otherwise we will be obliged to take the necessary measures for our prejudice
Review of by Ahmed on 2017/10/05 at 11:19
there security is too bad
Review of by Susan on 2014/10/02 at 08:16
I want to get more traction on my Web site - it is very important to my business. With hostmonster, I am having trouble navigating my site and am bombarded with spam from my contact page. I can NOT get ANY help from Hostmonster. They will not chat and will not answer the phone. ZERO customer support.
Review of by Istogu Hosting on 2013/08/05 at 20:21
Review of by Carly on 2013/08/03 at 01:19
I am leaving HostMonster after years of service with them. It used to be dependable, support was always great, but lately, my site is down in the middle of the day for Kernal Upgrades, has been completely down for hours at a time, today, and about 3 months ago. Both times as luck would have it, I was running a FB ad with links to my site. Lots of click to a non-existing site. I'm gone. I'm just trying to figure out where to go!
Review of by harnoherlino on 2013/07/11 at 12:32
Review of by Barbarella on 2012/08/15 at 09:26
I have been with Hostmonster for about 8 years now, and they have been fantastic. There was only one problem once during that time when there had been a major power outage in the area where their main hosting server is located and their secondary backup servers just couldn´t cope with the volume, but I was informed of this by email almost immediately and within a day everything was up again. Their customer support is responsive, friendly and quick. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so...
Review of by JC on 2012/08/07 at 03:33
the very worse support, TOS (terms of service) will flag your account and they will shutdown or delete files from your account for you. I was creating a backup of my site, spend all weekend creating a very nice tar file to find out that 'TOS' found a backup file and automatically deleted the file for me.

Call tech support and the answer was " you violated TOS so you are lucky we did not shut down your site"

This people does not understand that they are providing a service to a customer but they feel they are the Boss and will tell you what to do

Then there is the CPU throttle issue. Since I cannot create a backup file anymore I've started to rsync all the data to a local HD. During a site copy, the server will Throttle your jobs down because it takes too much cpu. So this people have unlimited bandwith, unlimeted disk space until you start to use it. then just about everything is a violation of TOS or they will throttle down your process. THE VERY WORSE !!!!
Review of by Matheus Victor on 2012/06/15 at 19:15
Neem da pra faazer logiiin ajeeita isso daaii seeeus poraas '
Review of by Larry on 2012/06/07 at 18:47
Be very wary of HostMonster. After three years of hosting my site and providing reasonably good service, they recently started a "Terms of Service Compliance Department" and have shut my Web site down three times in the last two months because of what they call excessive database size. The problem is that they have two measurements of database size: CPanel and phpMyAdmin. CPanel routinely reports massively larger database size than phpMyAdmin, often on the order of 2Gb larger. HostMonster has told me to use phpMyAdmin as the more accurate indicator of size, but they use the CPanel figure to shut down the database. I've kept a daily record of the differences and sent those records to them on a daily basis asking for them to help me understand what's going on and how to remedy it. They have responded after an enormous effort. They now are saying that a database with an absolute total of 200Mb of data on their site often has a total size of 3Gb for an overhead that is 9,999,999,999 times the size of the data. They claim CPanel reports the actual size while phpMyAdmin reports only the size of the data. Trying to get them to clarify this only results in tremendous obfuscation. When I call them, they talk nebulously about page cache sizes in CPanel and delays in updating, but never give any real explanation. Ultimately, every time they have shut my Web site down, they have reopened it -- even though I have done nothing to change the size of my database. Somehow it miraculously gets smaller in CPanel just as the result of my calling them. Many, many people have found that what HostMonster is really doing is providing you with several years of good service then trying to bludgeon you into upgrading -- only to find that after upgrading, their service and performance is substantially degraded, not improved. If you don't want to get repeated, threatening emails about your database size and have your Web site repeatedly shut down, look elsewhere for hosting.

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