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x10hosting General Information

x10hosting was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business. contains very nice layout, and whole website is easy to navigate... except signup form. After clicking registration link we were asked to choose between available packages - without ads, and with forced ads (ads-sponsored package includes more space and bandwidth). Trying to register for ads-free package didn't work - we were redirected to same page again and again. But after choosing package with ads, registration form was working just perfect. As soon as required fields were filled out, we got confirmation email and cPanel account was created within next few minutes. After doing some more tests we found user area is hard to understand (while main website should be easy to navigate even for newbies), but their service is good enough - no major slowdowns or timeouts. Another thing we like about - if standard PHP configuration on server is not suitable for you, you may ask their team to upgrade PHP (good reason to do so will be required, of course). Basically, we have no more complaints about, and it's really worth to consider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Congratulations, your x10Hosting Ad-Enhanced hosting account has been successfully created. Your account details are as follows: Username: xxx Password: xxx

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x10Hosting | Home

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x10Hosting is a free hosting provider. We give hosting out to the public for free. Check out our many free plans on our website today!

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x10hosting Reviews 2018

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Review of by BurningRubb3r on 2012/04/15 at 15:11
There is nothing else to say than that this is the most perfect hosting in history!
Perfect service, Fast speed, terrific amount of options...
It is just the perfect hosting if you do not have any money to spend ;)
Review of by EJW on 2012/04/11 at 18:23
Really a webhosting review site, on a webhosters own site????

does anyone actually read this stuff and believe it isn't biased? I guess it shouldn't much of a shock that their own site is listed as number one. thats right people Hosting 24 owns

Review of by ut3mods on 2012/01/27 at 18:31
Look for another host because this one will only screw you over. My account was closed for supposedly breaking the Terms of Service, which I didn't. What happened was that my account was generating more traffic then usual, and even though each account has it's own limits for bandwidth and space, and I had previously payed to have those limits increased. They decided to just suspended it with no warning. After filing a support ticket it ended with "Ryan Schmidt - Level 2 Support" claiming that they have no records of me paying, after proving with a copy of the receipt that I had payed the ticket was closed with no further reply.

Review of by webbrowsern inc on 2012/01/16 at 18:52
x10hosting is a verry good hosting provider,
i need to agree with the offline time, but i host software on there servers for 3 months now and i have got 2 times a error with a 2 min downtime
you dont have unlimited space and bandwith if you need it then they wil look and activate that
and its free , i dont want to pay 20 euro"s for the same
Review of by Andy on 2011/12/27 at 01:36
Hi guys There are many people complaint about X10hosting, it is very good for me, if it doesnt work out for those with negative comments then they are noobs that never used the service, and considered that it is free, it is the best going yet, is crap, 100mb is worst, i dont see any that beat it! there is a x10premiuem that is a upgraded verson cost alot lower = 3.8
Review of by Aleksandr on 2011/12/24 at 11:45
Guys i think its better do not to use free hostings...too many problems..and support slow...i waited 5 days my main domain to be activeted...horrible
Review of by Kat on 2011/10/27 at 06:59
Omg! I thought I was actually going insane! Thank you all for the beautifuly put NEGATIVES. I really think that this is the worst Hosting services I have ever came acrossed, your better off free hosting allowing advertised Banners at least you can see your site..o and your shit dont get lost...Did I forget to mention that I have had better support on free hosting banner sites too...I know one thing is forsure should change there names to we really do not know how to do a damn thing...and dfently do not pay them for any service ...they rip you off!!! There hosting never works...defently going to tell everyone on forum and in every webmaster forum i can possibly join...these guys need off the web! Forsure!
Review of by tech on 2011/09/19 at 04:30
they fucking people ,their is deadbeef eroor from 1 week and they are not doing anything,my website dont show any theme and when i click on any link they show websites does not exist,the support requests for lotus server is disable,
Review of by Henk on 2011/08/27 at 12:19
I resently switched to this host and i am supriced with the functions they allow.

I was able to run all scripts without any issues where other servers whould cause trouble. Also a .htaccess was no problem if the rewrite rule has been setup properly. Remote MX is a must for me to. phpMyadmin was nice and up to date.

Performance : This is something that can really depend on what you are doing. I noticed how slow the site can get at some points but i have a very simply solution around this issue. Register a domain (can be .tk) and put in between wich functions as a cache server. By doing this it means that there is alot less load on your site and your visitors will have a much quicker response then the original servers give you.

Overal rating : Good
Pro's :
Alot of options
Unlimited Diskspace
Up to date software like php , phpmyadmin and mysql
Unlimited bandwith

Can be slow during peak hours.
Forum login required every month.
Review of by ace_case on 2011/08/10 at 20:19
They are a great host. The reasons for the down time are usually an upgrade to the server. They are very quick with their support.

1. Highly server Downtime.... - Lazy ass... ~~They are probably upgrading your server.

2. You get suspended for Nothing... ~~You must Visit the forums every 31 days. You don't even have to post.

3. Only 2 Mysql database (Ofc, you can make table_Prefixes, but...) ~~I don't see why you would need any more?

4. Bad Support.. ~~There is an IRC if you want you question answered quickly.

5. Slow Servers (Takes a year too load... FUNNY!!!)...~~They have since preformed upgrades to their servers

6. Slow servers - If you are doing a action, like domain change, it takes a year!.~~They have upgraded their servers.

7. Bad T.O.S....~~I don't see anything wrong with it. Here you can't even have chat scripts or gaming scripts.

8. Slow FTP....~~I don't see how is slow?

9. Shitty space: What is the meaning of "Unlimited" bandwith, when you can't use it...?~~Bandwidth has nothing to do with space. If you are using over 50% of the available space then there is a problem.

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