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was founded in 2004 and is now 14 years in business.

x10hosting.com contains very nice layout, and whole website is easy to navigate... except signup form. After clicking registration link we were asked to choose between available packages - without ads, and with forced ads (ads-sponsored package includes more space and bandwidth). Trying to register for ads-free package didn't work - we were redirected to same page again and again. But after choosing package with ads, registration form was working just perfect. As soon as required fields were filled out, we got confirmation email and cPanel account was created within next few minutes. After doing some more tests we found x10hosting.com user area is hard to understand (while main website should be easy to navigate even for newbies), but their service is good enough - no major slowdowns or timeouts. Another thing we like about x10hosting.com - if standard PHP configuration on server is not suitable for you, you may ask their team to upgrade PHP (good reason to do so will be required, of course). Basically, we have no more complaints about x10hosting.com, and it's really worth to consider. And this is a copy of their activation email: Congratulations, your x10Hosting Ad-Enhanced hosting account has been successfully created. Your account details are as follows: Username: xxx Password: xxx

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x10Hosting is a free hosting provider. We give hosting out to the public for free. Check out our many free plans on our website today!

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Review of x10hosting.com by csc2ya on 2010/01/06 at 00:07
Before now, I would have given them a positive review.

However, due to problems getting any kind of support in the last week or so, it would have to be a negative.

Have had a ticket open for over a week now to get a backup issue fixed, and have not had a reply, or even had the matter looked into.

Have had replies on the forums, but they have only said community support cannot do anything. Fair enough, I accept that, but to have a ticket open for over a week now with nothing done is not acceptable in my opinion.

Maybe they ought to remove the 'backups' claim from their site, as I now have no up to date backups until the issue is fixed.
Review of x10hosting.com by WTF on 2009/12/10 at 20:14
Well, my account was just suspended 20 minutes ago. Oddly enough i was using the account about 10 minutes before it was suspended. I've spent days and days and hours and hours on this page, now its gone.x10 was a good host. but i don't know if i'll stay now that this happened. It just doesn't feel right.

I just emailed a few people links to my site 10 minutes ago, and now i look like a douche who got suspended. It makes me look awful, and i hate that feeling.

I have nothing against the t.o.s. on my site. It's a fricking raw foods page, i made for a friend.

I just emailed them. no response yet, but i'll post here if they help or if they don't.

no response so far
Review of x10hosting.com by Moggy on 2009/11/12 at 18:34
speed is realy slow, compaired to other hosts.
uptime is bad almost everyday you site is down.
support realy quick only they don't know nothing, it takes days before you get the right person.
if you think this is a good free host then you didn't search long enough.
Review of x10hosting.com by Roy on 2009/10/11 at 10:17
When my British IP 'Plusnet' pulled the plug on it's FrontPage Server at only 15 minutes notice, I couldn't believe my luck at finding an even better FREE service in USA - x10hosting.com. My site uploaded like a dream and has been 100% available. When people say 'Don't touch a free Website' just ignore them. It's better than many 'paid-for' services.
Review of x10hosting.com by Reece on 2009/09/18 at 17:57
As A Mater Of Fact They Suspended My Acc The First Day I Made MY MMORPG Game I Would Make It By This Hosting But It Doesnt Work Good For MMORPG
Review of x10hosting.com by Chris on 2009/08/24 at 05:15
For over a year I've been with x10hosting.. I copied over my files from my old server hosted on godaddy.com,
And began working on a (free) counter-strike game tipping system for a community I belong to.

My website was once hacked on the old server by someone who used my name on there for malicious purposes.
I thought I had deleted all those files before copying them onto the server, but it appears not.

Now over a year later out of the blue, my site is suspended for "keygens and malware".
Apparently for some of those files still on there, even though there would have been no connection to them from anywhere on my site, hence no traffic even getting to them.

I can understand that they'd have to suspend my site, and that they don't have to believe this story, since the files would have come up as being uploaded from my ip,
But what I think is far too harsh is that after pleading with them to simply get my legitimate files back that I've worked so hard on,
That were providing a system for a whole community of hundreds, and another part of the site that was making my income by selling/reselling software,
They simply assumed that I had done the wrong thing, and wouldn't spend the 5 minutes to send me a backup of the files.

I put up with the 90% downtime and constant logging into the forums, but this is too far.
There were several admins in my support thread,
And not 1 of them would listen and weigh up that it'd be no risk for them to send me the files, but a possibility of saving a year's worth of work for me on the chance i was telling the truth.
They deserve the same treatment, to have all their hard work put to waste.

So I've begun work on this.. It's a firefox extension designed to log you in to the forums every few days. It checks when you last logged in every time you open your homepage.
Just install it and go to tools > x10hosting options... and fill in your forum username / password. check the source if you're worried about where it's being sent.

If you think having 10% uptime and ads is already asking enough compared to other free hosts, use this and never get suspended again.
It wouldn't be detectable from logging in normally, so it'll take some work from these lazy, stubborn, relentless admins, if they want to prevent it.
Banning this forum account won't stop it being spread, you'll have to keep fixing it on your end or start actually caring about your customers by ditching the requirement.

Review of x10hosting.com by wap tek on 2009/08/12 at 01:28
sent by waptek to cory 5:51 PM 2009/08/11
you are right!
its ok, I SCREWED UP, i took a bots conclusion personaly & I WAS WRONG

if i were in your place i wouldn't have even answered me at all
seriously just forget me and just leave the site dead

i apreciate the patience you and the others have shown me
but i turned into what i complain about most ,, an idiot!

oh and you can post this all over
you guys gave me great service for a long time
and i did you wrong,, i will try to undo the posts
Review of x10hosting.com by Liam Demafelix on 2009/08/11 at 12:49
Had 3 Accounts all in the past. My first account, in year 2004 or something, hosted on Stoli Server. fast, but lacked the amount of features I need. Then, I quit them. After unsuccessful attempts of finding a good free host, I came back with another account. This time this is hosted in Lotus Server. I read the forums and some people call the Lotus Server "THE CURSED SERVER" due to that if it's not down, its supperrrrr slow. So I quit after I proved that fact. And, debating facts to myself, I decided to give it another try. This time on the Chopin (newest) server. I was impressed but E-Mail is always down.

I moved finally and swore to never come back unless needed.

I moved to UltraGBHost. 500GB Space, 100000GB Bandwidth only needs 20 posts lifetime! So I got the hosting. Happy with it now.
Review of x10hosting.com by Ciril Tomy on 2009/08/06 at 10:11
Hi All, I don't know how can you all criticize such a great hosting company like X10 Hosting.... after it's free and "WITH NO ADDS ON IT"!!! GREAT...GREAT...GREAT...
"C" Panel is the great option... though it was bit slow before now it's completely perfect I am 100% satisfied with their offer...

I give 10 out of 10 points...

It even support PHP, ASP, CGI and so on...
If you have any doubt check out my site...
Review of x10hosting.com by wap tek on 2009/08/05 at 11:35
my site was waptek2 x10hosting.com
i got a suspension reason code = "5A913B4AAF43" and
the 1 word reason as "phishing"

when i tryed to solution search for eather "phishing" or "5A913B4AAF43"
i get no wheare so i asked foe a more compleat reason for the suspension
so i could fix it like what page(s) are/is the problem
message i got back from Syed x10Hosting
"Your hosting account has been suspended for Phishing.
Can you explain what does your site consist of ?"
[groan ! ] ok ok i will assume a mistake happened ,,
the ticket was blank or no reason was recorded in your system
for the suspension and you are just as confused as i am,, right?

I have no idea why this happened so I am asking YOU do you know why the site was suspended
the next response was from Federico Lerner x10Hosting Administrator - Staff Manager
You should know more about the suspension than us,
as you're the one in charge of uploading files to your hosting account.
Your hosting account has been suspended for "Phishing"
as a phishing website was found on your account.
This website was about: www.wellsfargo.com
Your account is suspended and pending termination.
so i emailed back

i mirrored my website after your last outage so
this is the content you company blanked me for


you said
"This website was about: www.wellsfargo.com"
well thanks ,now that you have got to the point,,
you could have saved me and your company all this time
by putting this in to an earlyer response but ok!,, fine!

the "wellsfargo" page you refer to (fargo.htm) was a parody page
compairing them to the 2 bumbling robber / murderers in the movie fargo
& making fun of them overcharging me and alot of other people

if you blank a 200 page site due to a "phishing claim"
for 1 page and you do not tell me which one was the problem
then how am i supposed to fix it ,,

" Hi, You should know more about the suspension than us,
as you're the one in charge of uploading files to your hosting account."

the tone of you message was condecending, acusitory, & indicates that

(a) you cannot research 1 page to see if it is a phishing site
since your company blanked the entire site ?
(b)if it is visable to you then YOU OBVIOUSLY DID NOT DO ANY RESEARCH!

"Your account is suspended and pending termination."
due to a page that was NOT A PHISHING PAGE?

so lets review
you cannot bother to tell me exactly why you company did this in the suspension report
you and your coworkers wont or cannot determine IF the complaint was valid
and then one of you sends a snotty email to me
telling me that i should be able to figure out what was wrong
without info ?? because you realy believe that the acused is guilty?
or you are covering up lazyness
oh by the way who requested you blanke my site?,,, the bank?

From: "Syed"
We suspend sites when we receive a notice from the copyright holders and
we make sure the complaints are valid before suspending an account.
You have admitted to holding such a site which makes the case even more valid.
If you are trying to impersonate something,
you will need to read up on the copyright claims and frauds section of their terms.
As of now, your account will remain suspended and is pending termination.

Syed Administrator http://x10hosting.com


" notice from the copyright holders " please forward this notice to me i will need it

thank you for conferming that wellsfargo is sensitive to my rants and criticizums and that money talks!

"we make sure the complaints are valid before suspending an account."
realy and what ofending material was it,, and why did your company forget to tell me this IN THE FIRST PLACE

"You have admitted to holding such a site which makes the case even more valid. "

no i told you it was a parody page ,, are you person or an automated bot?
if you looked at the page it started out as a list of local bank locations and then
a rant about them messing up my account , the only stuff on the page that is theirs
is the ad's they dump to screen when you want to see your account

no one in their right mind would ever see this as a wells fargo page

"If you are trying to impersonate something,"
wait stop ,, you said i WAS doing a phishing site not IF ,
is this annother indicator that you are not actualy reading the page info

" you will need to read up on the copyright claims and frauds section of their terms.
As of now, your account will remain suspended and is pending termination."

so let me get this strait you looked at the site, ,,??????? right! ,,,no,,, no you didn't did you
admit it ,, you just blanked it, and ignored any real issue

you know what i think? i think you are lieing!

i think your system flagged this and you have no clue what happened,
you are trying to cover up that you do not have the authority to fix it

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