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My website is down! Please help.

1. Make sure you already updated nameservers.
If you are using your own domain (like yourdomain.com, for example), you need to point the domain to our nameservers. You can find the nameserver details after logging on to your CPanel -> View Account Details. For new accounts, you should wait around 24-48 hours for DNS propagation to be completed to ensure your domain works correctly.

2. Scheduled maintenance?
If we perform any scheduled maintenance on servers, you will see an announcements about this after logging on to members area and navigating to the control panel of domain.

3. Check our forum for news and announcements..
If we have any news regarding upcoming our unexpected downtime, we will always post information on our community forums.

4. Maybe it's your internet service provider problem?
To check that, please enter your website by using our Proxy Browser which is located on Members Area -> CPanel -> Domain Tools. If you can access your website by proxy browser, but cannot enter it from your computer, that means the outage is related to your internet service provider. Your should restart your internet connection and clear browser cache.

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