All files in my website is gone


I cannot find any file in the root of my website, i dont know what it is happened and how can i know if someone got acces into my webhost account and deleted all the files ? help me please !


Can you confirm your site address?

Also what is displayed when you login here?


everything is ok with my cpanel, like there is someone who, have logged into my account, how can i know if it was the case or not please


Confirm your site address



If there are no files then you haven’t uploaded any or you have deleted them :confused:


i didn’t :confused: this is why i told you that maybe someone got acces into my cpanel because i didn’t deleted anything, no way to know if there is someone who deleted it, with such a log history or something like that ,




thank you but i have already checked this, the event that gives is only about the cpanel, not the access into the file manager of the connection with the ftp server


Nothing available to free users no, change your password and make sure to use a secure one.


ok thank you :confused:


Take regular backups too :smiley: