Anybody know what ails the premium hosting?


Tried to take advantage of the 90% discount. I figure on the premium .89/month + the 1.29 per month X 2 years that comes to 52.32. cart keeps showing a bunch of moola. Any thoughts? I want to take advantage of the low pricing when I release my site and go to the $8.99 I think it was.



Hi, sorry for the confusion. If you look closely, the sale is offering different discounts for longer amounts of time, as shown below.

53 PM

For 24 months, the $.89 hosting plan will cost $83.76. I know this may make you want to choose a smaller plan, but let me warn you that if you choose a smaller plan at first, it will renew at the regular price (which means that if you’re looking to get the cheapest hosting now, I’d go with the 2 year plan while its still on sale).

Of course, if after purchasing, you’re not satisfied with the hosting, you can contact support and they will refund the purchase within 30 days.


I could run forever on the freebee except for not knowing if I can survive on the limits.

I only need one website and one database.

Interested in SSl although I don’t know enough about it, and the backup which I could do myself.

I guess I’ll stay with the freebee until I launch.