Bring back Old Interface as an Option - please


In a previous year, there was a file manager-like interface with file names, types, etc. Saving a file meant clicking on a disk like icon. Can we access that interface in place of the new one?

Also the website names were different as well, more like Would it be possible to have one of those instead of the 000webhost lead?

Thank you. My students have created great websites and look forward to even more this year.



You can visit and get short free domains like or etc and point them at 000webhost.

Else 000webhost provide some subdomains available in your panel,

Click Set Web Address

Add Domain

Then subdomain


Thank you for the detailed reply. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to verify my phone number by sending a text. I have an older phone. so I don’t know the text message is SMS or some other protocol. I’d like to unlock the FTP options.

My basic question is, "Will my students be able to create index.html and other files from scratch online? Or do they have to use an editor on their Macs and upload the file after it has been created?


Probably be better with an editor, Microsoft Expression Web 4 etc.