Cancelled due to incorrect nameservers =(



I just log in to the old c-panel and find out that my site was Cancelled due to incorrect nameservers

I enter to the .science domain and the nameservers are pointing to and

Thus, Is there a way to recover my website?

Thanks in Advance



So what was your site etc?
Usually once cancelled no.


The site ( ) was working until yesterday… before post this message

The domain is pointing to 000webhost

The hosting is not working. The complete site is located at 000webhost.

Through the change of c-panel interface, the site is no longer available to be modified or updated.

I need to recover my website.

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I can see the nameservers changed to 000webhost’s yesterday 3/3 but before this they weren’t pointing correctly and so when the migration from old panel > new panel happened the system made sure the accounts/sites are active before transferring them no point migrating inactive accounts > it did this by making sure the domains pointed at 000webhost else it deleted them :frowning:


What you can also do is to associate to through CNAME.

all you need to do is to add 2 DNS records:
www pointing to
@ or (empty) or pointing to through CNAME flattening or through the ip which is if your DNS manager can’t support CNAME flattening

It will prevent that kind of problem to ever happen again.
It will also allow you to use Cloudflare CDN and enable HTTPS on your website, thus making it safer for everyone.
It will also allow you to use your own e-mail hosting (either it’s free or not)