Cannot access my site to edit


cannot access my website for editing via 000webhost
also whats the point in signing up with a different email and password to access help, why is there no help in my admin. Contact me for a private conversation.

ok so will reply here as no reply button. is the website, designed with word press template. is not directing to this domain.

in addition I cannot edit my word press design on here without installing wordpress, I had already installed once but everytime I install again I loss my site.

also im searching for this site was fully designed using 000webhost template, it was also published. This site just disappeared.


what is your domain name??
what is your issue??
Post here we’ll try to help you!!!
Is it wordpress website or a static website??


I am having the same problem for the past 5 hours or so. What is happening?


Free support is provided here in the community forum.

Please post some more information to what is happening including error messages and screenshots and a full description for anyone to help you.


Thank you, Infinity. A few minutes after posting my reply here, everything started working again. Thanks very much.


Any issues do post back :slight_smile: !!!