Cannot access website with www


Hi all!

I have a parked domain, bought at nic(dot)ar (for domain .ar for Argentina).

I can access my website trough, but i cant access it using www(dot)mydomain(dot)com(dot)ar.

Is there any limitation regarding the use of www?



For another good samaritan fighting with this problem and with its own anxiety, like me:

Same case than other problems while building and setting up your website: its a matter of time!

mydomain(dot)com(dot)ar started to work instantly.
www(dot)mydomain(dot)com(dot)ar took a few (15) minutes.

When you see that something is working, and something is not, you start to think “hey, this should be working too”.



Hi, it appears and both load fine. You just need to clear your browser cache and flush your DNS.


First of all, thaks for taking your time to answer my issue.

As i said in my previous post, the problem solved itself hehe. It was a matter of time.

I flushed the dns, and cleared cache, and it was not working. Well, 15 minutes later, it started to work.

Thanks anyway.